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IndustryTech2012 — Result In Brief

Project ID: 290567
Funded under: FP7-NMP
Country: Denmark

Conference takes industry technology to new level

From nanotechnology to advanced materials and processes, the 2012 Industrial Technologies conference opened the door to new public–private partnerships (PPPs) in order to advance European industry.
Conference takes industry technology to new level
Industry and manufacturing in practically every field are evolving rapidly and are being shaped by a host of new production processes (NMP) that exploit cutting-edge nanoscience, nanotechnology and nanomaterials. From the automotive sector to the construction field, industry is witnessing a range of promising new technologies and materials that could breathe new life into the European economy. The EU-funded 'Industrial Technologies conference 2012' (INDUSTRYTECH2012) featured a powerful programme of events that investigated these knowledge-intensive processes and products to drive European growth.

Taking place in Aarhus Denmark in June 2012, the event examined how Europe can over the next decade become a pioneer in producing energy-efficient buildings and low-emission vehicles. Participants debated enabling technologies to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities for European growth, proposing viable solutions to help Europe realise its full potential for innovation.

INDUSTRYTECH2012 featured several workshops, meetings and plenary sessions that discussed investment in innovation and research, mobility of researchers, attraction of knowledge and common research agendas. They also highlighted the need to foster creativity and entrepreneurship in education.

The conference brought together 777 high-level delegates from 37 nations to meet with speakers from research, government and industry, focusing on European growth and competitiveness by 2020. The conference focused on synergies involving nanotechnology, advanced materials and innovative production technologies to help spur economic recovery in Europe.

Importantly, this vision has been based on PPPs and innovation in the manufacturing, automotive, construction and process industries, leading to a joint Industrial Technologies Declaration. The latter was signed by several stakeholders linked to PPPs, such as the European Green Cars Initiative (EGCI), a development that should enhance Europe's global competitiveness through strong synergies among partners. More news about the conference and declaration can be seen on the event's website.

A three-day exhibition held alongside the conference played a role in raising competitiveness by showcasing the latest products and technical capabilities related to the conference's themes. A two-day poster session also increased the visibility of innovative research in industrial technologies, while a matchmaking event featuring one-on-one meetings brought potential business partners together. A new dawn for European industry is in the making.

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