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ABESTII — Result In Brief

Project ID: 244327
Funded under: FP7-INCO
Country: Argentina

Stronger research ties between Argentina and the EU

An AR-EU-funded project is enhancing the joint participation of Argentinean and European scientists in particular activities proposed by the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).
Stronger research ties between Argentina and the EU
In scientific research, cooperation is essential. And while fruitful collaborations can take place at a local level, there are major benefits to making use of the varied resources and expertise offered by cross-continent exchange.

The ABEST II project represents the second phase of the ABEST/A-EU project, which encouraged partnerships between Argentina and the EU. ABEST II improved on the identification and demonstration of mutual interests on common thematic priority areas, for instance Bioeconomy, Biotechnology, ICT, Nanotechnology, Environment, Energy, Health, Space, and Social Sciences between Argentina and Europe, and the benefits that cooperation could yield. As such, the project actions worked towards facilitating the participation of the Argentinean research, development and innovation (R&D&i) community, while supporting the policy dialogue under Argentina- European Union Science & Technology Cooperation Agreement.

Almost 80 meetings, workshops, brokerage events and information sessions were held in Argentina. In addition, more than 14 events were conducted through videoconferencing with the liaison offices and cooperation units of other Latin American countries. All these activities have enhanced sharing knowledge and good practices towards the implementation of EU-LAC Joint Initiative for Research & Innovation in the framework of the birregional cooperation policy dialogue.

ABEST II also conducted desk research and interviews to identify stakeholders who have participated in European Framework Programmes with the purpose of establishing an Observatory on STI EU-AR Cooperation to analyse and monitor their participation and improve impact results and reciprocity actions. The Argentinean participation in the FP7 has improved in the last years. In 2012, the success rate of Argentina’s proposals (25.9%) has proven to be higher than the average success rate reached by third countries (22.8%). ABEST II offered 24 Grants for Building Strategic Partnerships (17 to Argentineans and seven to Europeans).

Consolidated thematic National Contact Points (NCPs) were instrumental in participating actively in NCP networks at the European level and specific events to give visibility to Argentinean capacities and main developments in STI. In addition, European partners facilitated visibility of the project activities in Europe and partners search to consortia building.

Through these activities, the project has helped to build a cohesive information platform at local level, a national Institutional Focal Point Network of the most relevant centers of excellence from the whole country. It has also developed a well established support mechanism for a broad range of research institutions located across South America and Europe, thereby catalysing research and innovation collaborations.

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