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Asia-Europe cooperate in light and matter research

Figuring out how to take advantage of strange quantum behaviours in progressively larger and more complex systems of atoms is a difficult endeavour. A Latvia-Lithuania-Taiwan trilateral cooperation was initiated with this goal in mind.
Asia-Europe cooperate in light and matter research
COLIMA (Coherent manipulation of light and matter via interferences of laser-dressed states) was an EU-funded international research project focused on the controlled manipulation of atoms in excited or laser-dressed states. Large systems of light-tweaked atoms provide an attractive platform for the exploration of quantum information storing and processing.

Controlled modification of the quantum states of matter during interactions between the constituent atoms with coherent light are fundamental for quantum behaviour to emerge. Learning more about these interactions or establishing more "effective" interactions will shed new light on quantum mechanics and lead to new applications.

The COLIMA project supported young and experienced scientists from University of Latvia, Vilnius University, Saint Petersburg State University, Russian Academy of Sciences and National Tsing Hua University Taiwan, by providing them with research funding. The results of their work on the manipulation of quantum states were transformed into new techniques for information processing and sensing.

Specifically, studies of light and matter interactions in the presence of external magnetic fields led to the development of new techniques for sensitive magnetic field measurements. On the other hand, theoretical and experimental work on the storage of multi-component slow and stationary light is of interest for nonlinear optics and quantum information manipulation.

Key scientific outcomes include the highest to date efficiency in the storage of photons based on the effect of electromagnetically induced transparency. The numerous results of the COLIMA project have been described in detail in journal publications and conference presentations. The project's participants have also carried out public outreach activities including work with pupils at schools.

COLIMA promoted close cooperation between researchers who are currently drawing plans to continue their research work on light and matter manipulation within a new project proposal under Horizon 2020.

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Laser-dressed states, quantum information, quantum mechanics, nonlinear optics
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