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The bumpy path to new knowledge

A better understanding of the physics of turbulent flows, which are pervasive in industry and nature, would have major implications in the field of engineering. The MULTITURB project set out to contribute a research breakthrough in its study of the physics of turbulent motions.
The bumpy path to new knowledge
Funded by the EU, the project 'A multidisciplinary approach to turbulence' (MULTITURB) extended the career of an experienced researcher, and also advanced research competences in the particular field of study. The project’s collaborative work succeeded in significantly elevating our current understanding of turbulence. Furthermore, the experience and knowledge in the field that was brought to the project contributed to the efforts of external researchers examining the behaviour of small particles in turbulence.

MULTITURB activities also provided the opportunity to jointly pursue three new and emerging areas of research, resulting in one conference paper, four presentations and the preparation of papers for journal publications. The research value of this objective included the successful first-time establishment of a systematic international research programme on the role of initial and upstream conditions in turbulence.

Project work explored how turbulence is generated, and how it acquires and/or loses its energy; how the mean flow profiles are created as a result generated much discussion throughout the project period. A proposal targeting an entirely new paradigm for turbulence is thus an ongoing project effort, with plans to refine the work until it is either published or refuted.

Efforts undertaken during the MULTITURB project represent a convergence of interests as well as an important initial exploration of the new paths and opportunities afforded to researchers in this field. They also represent a unique opportunity to invest new knowledge and training, as well as contributions, to the field of turbulent fluid dynamics in Europe.

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