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ADITEC — Result In Brief

Project ID: 280873
Funded under: FP7-HEALTH
Country: Italy

The next generation of vaccines

A collaborative European research programme is working on novel and powerful immunisation technologies towards the development of next-generation human vaccines.
The next generation of vaccines
Vaccination is a powerful means of tackling disease by artificially inducing immunity against pathogens. In the past, vaccine development has relied solely on empirical approaches. However, advances in science and technology promise to transform vaccinology into a dynamic field.

In this context, the EU-funded ADITEC (Advanced immunization technologies) project has brought together experts in the field of immunology and vaccine development. The aim is to produce the knowledge necessary to develop novel and powerful immunisation technologies for producing effective adaptable human vaccines.

The consortium is following a systems biology approach to test a broad panel of adjuvants, live vaccine vectors, formulations and delivery devices. The focus is on vaccines against influenza H1, M. tuberculosis H56 and Chlamydia MOMP. So far, apart from classical adjuvants, the consortium has also designed second generation adjuvants. They are in the process of identifying the molecular signatures that correlate with and predict adaptive and innate responses to vaccination.

Scientists are performing pre-clinical, clinical and population-based studies to evaluate the efficacy of novel immunisation technologies and identify the optimal strategies for specific target groups. They have already analysed how T cell-priming is elicited by different routes of vaccination in rodent models. In addition, they are assessing the impact of host factors such as age, gender, genetics and pathologies in immunisation outcome. So far, the pre-clinical work has resulted in new vaccine candidates which have been advanced in a phase I clinical trial.

Collectively, the activities of the ADITEC project respond fully to the urgent need to develop advanced immunisation technologies for safer and better vaccines. Furthermore, they will generate important new knowledge on human immune responses associated with these improved vaccines and will enable informed decisions on their implementation.

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Vaccines, immunisation, adjuvant, vector, delivery device, influenza, immune response
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