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Measures against cyber crime

The arsenal of tools currently used in the fight against organised crime is in need of an update. European researchers are helping crack down on Internet-based criminal activity.
Measures against cyber crime
Funded by the EU, the main aim of the CAPER project is to develop a collaborative platform for sharing information among law-enforcement agencies (LEAs). This will help detect and prevent organised crime that uses online environments — for example, the sale of counterfeit or stolen goods.

Partners have produced a document on the CAPER system design, or architecture description. This gives a high-level overview of the system, and details the common exchange data model, interfaces, information architecture and physical design descriptions. The project team has conducted intensive research and development to develop multimedia analysis and visual analytics modules meeting end-user needs. Efforts in this area of project work resulted in a set of functional and high-quality modules working together to serve LEA analyst requirements.

The team developed and deployed two versions of the CAPER prototype: CAPER platform 1 has been completely designed and is scheduled for deployment. LEAs will be able to offer technical feedback regarding the prototype, thus ensuring the relevance of future project activities.

Project outcomes will provide an invaluable tool by bringing together critical information from existing LEA information systems, the Internet and mass media. LEAs will be able to share informational, investigative and experiential knowledge through integrated database technologies, application workflow, and semantic modelling of processes that comply with existing legal and operational frameworks. Ethical and privacy limits will also be accounted for. Supported by a workflow and management application, the CAPER approach will also serve to enhance interagency and transnational cooperation.

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