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EUMEDNETVSTB — Result In Brief

Project ID: 245872
Funded under: FP7-REGPOT

Better TB research and control in northern Africa

Tuberculosis (TB) remains a huge killer, and recent times have seen an alarming increase in drug resistance and the emergence of new outbreaks. The establishment of stronger research networks in Africa will help bolster disease surveillance and control.
Better TB research and control in northern Africa
The EU-funded EUMEDNETVSTB project was the first true initiative to establish a Euro–Mediterranean network aimed at promoting closer co-operation in TB research. The project specifically set out to connect leading European institutions in the field with those in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

For the north African countries, this meant a boost in terms of research potential and capacity since knowledge and skills transfer were prioritised. For example, EUMEDNETVSTB participants benefited from two international symposia and three workshops. The project also supported the organisation of two practical workshops focused on drug-resistant TB, and several twinning and training events. New laboratory equipment was purchased as well.

In terms of research, EUMEDNETVSTB aimed to advance our understanding of the genetic structure of the TB bacterium in the three Mediterranean partner countries. Activities were also focused on identifying markers of multidrug-resistant (MDR) strains.

Overall, EUMEDNETVSTB had a notable impact on TB research in target countries and on TB control, both socially and scientifically. As such, the institutions are now more competitive, which will allow them to better integrate into future TB research programmes.

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