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Information services

The European Commission operates a number of information services which provide valuable support to the research and innovation activities of SMEs. The following provides details of some of the services available.

CORDIS (Community R&D Information Service)

CORDIS provides comprehensive information on research and innovation activities (including general information on programme implementation, projects, results...and much more). Operating under the Innovation Programme , it also provides a partner search facility to enable SMEs and other users to locate suitable partners for EU RTD activities or joint ventures

Innovation Relay Centres (IRCs)

Operating under the Innovation Programme, the network of 52 Innovation Relay Centres advise organisations - especially small businesses - on technology and innovation. It also helps them identify technology needs, identify suitable technologies to match these needs, give assistance on exploitation and advice on the EU Research and Technology programmes


Telematic service launched by the European Commission in 1991 which is aimed at encouraging and facilitating access, particularly among SMEs, to a number of EU research programmes

Euro Info Centres (EICs)

Located throughout Europe, EICs are responsible for informing companies, especially SMEs, about EC activities and initiatives, including information on Community RTD and technology transfer programmes.


The Business Cooperation Network was established by the European Union to help SMEs find partners at regional, national, Community and international level.


Similar to the BC-NET, the Bureau de Rapprochement des Entreprises was established by the European Commission to assist SMEs located in the Member States and many third countries to find new partners with a view to increasing competitiveness.

Business Innovation Centres

Independent, professionally managed business which offer services aimed at promoting local industry, new enterprises and innovation. Launched by the European Commission (DG XVI) in 1984

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