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ID: INTAS-1999-01768
Start date: 2000-04-01, End date: 2002-03-31
The detailed mechanism of the oxidation of the plant hormone - indole-3-acetate - by molecular dioxygen catalysed by plant peroxidases and arachidonic acid oxidation by molecular dioxygen catalysed by mammalian prostaglandin H synthase (PGHS) will be investigated by means of a...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 66064
Last updated on: 2002-10-30
ID: INTAS-2000-00288
Start date: 2001-07-01, End date: 2003-06-30
The proposed joint research project will strengthen the co-operation between the INTAS members and NIS teams in their effort to design, test and build specialised high precision opto-mechanical elements for the ATLAS Tile project. All deliverables specified in this project ar...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 65494
Last updated on: 2002-10-30
ID: INTAS-1997-31931
Start date: 1999-12-01, End date: 2001-11-30
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 66239
Last updated on: 2002-10-30
ID: INTAS-2000-00043
Start date: 2001-07-01, End date: 2004-06-30
The goal of this project is to perform a number of fundamental neutron optical experiments and to develop neutron optical methods for research in fundamental physics. Another important aim of the project is to joint the efforts of some groups which are working in these fields,...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 65349
Last updated on: 2002-10-30
ID: INTAS-1999-01326
Start date: 2000-05-01, End date: 2003-04-30
The project is aimed at the investigation of femtosecond collisional and radiative phenomena during the interaction of atomic systems with particle beams and intense laser pulses, respectively. Short-time dynamics of atomic systems interacting with non-stationary perturbers ar...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 66026
Last updated on: 2002-10-30
ID: INTAS-1999-01390
Start date: 2000-04-01, End date: 2002-09-30
This project has the central tenet that the concept of biological dispersion is a sound basis for focusing on the interface zones of atmosphere -water -sediment in the aquatic environment. Within this framework, the biological surface of the organisms is central to a considera...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 66032
Last updated on: 2002-10-30
ID: INTAS-1997-30204
Start date: 1999-08-01, End date: 2001-07-31
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 65672
Last updated on: 2002-10-30
ID: INTAS-1997-01416
Start date: 1999-03-01, End date: 2001-03-31
The overall objective is to detail the evolution of the Pontide-Lesser Caucasus metallotect, common to both Turkey and Georgia. The proposed project represents a unique chance to bring together teams from Georgia and EU-based teams working in Turkey. At present there is littl...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 65933
Last updated on: 2002-10-30
ID: INTAS-2000-00727
Start date: 2001-07-01, End date: 2004-02-29
Two of the main challenges for the food processing industry are to increase the biological value of food products and to maintain these qualitative characteristics during storage. Food spoilage is a significant problem, particularly in developing countries, and constitutes a m...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 65512
Last updated on: 2002-10-30
ID: INTAS 2003-51-5563
Start date: 2004-07-01, End date: 2007-06-30
Duration of the project: 36 months To minimize the risk of newly emerging and re-emerging drug-resistant human gastro-intestinal infection caused by C. perfringens and C. difficile it is planned: -To study the circulation of C. perfringens and C. difficile in different poult...
Programme: IC-INTAS
Record Number: 71791
Last updated on: 2004-09-06
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