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Advances have been made in in vivo glucose sensor design and development of chemically modified electrodes. This approach avoids use of mediators and instead employs electrocatalytic films on the electrode surface. These electrodes have been fabricated in a needle-type format ...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 14818
Last updated on: 2001-07-30
In terms of in vivo sensing, in a joint programme between DCU, St Vincent's Hospital (Dublin), Ciba-Geigy (Basle), Max-Delbruch Centre (Berlin) and University of Vienna, novel instrumentation has been developed which couples microdialysis to microflow systems and biosensor arr...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 14817
Last updated on: 1996-08-20
Optical methods were used to measure the oxygen concentration in human blood. The sensor was based on spectral measurements of blood colour and applied as a pulse generator for cardiac pacemakers. The system was successfully tested under real conditions in cooperation with the...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 14810
Last updated on: 1996-08-20
The research has focused on new materials for in vivo sensors according 2 lines, novel experimental materials and treated materials. For the first line of research some biopolymers of polysaccharidic nature were tested as component materials for in vivo biosensors, with partic...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 14805
Last updated on: 1998-03-10
Research has focussed on needle type enzyme electrodes utilizing immobilized oxidase enzymes with detection of hydrogen peroxide. In recent years, the basic structure has been optimized to achieve sensor responses that are independent of sample variables such as viscosity and ...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 14820
Last updated on: 1998-01-23
Devices for the measurement of oxygen, pH, carbon dioxide, glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate are already in a mature state. A nonlinear optically transduced pH sensor for microphysiometry and immunosensor application is being investigated. The first generation device h...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 14819
Last updated on: 1998-03-12
The main field of research is the in vivo noninvasive investigation and assessment of the autonomic nervous system and the cardiovascular system. The group has conducted extensive studies related to investigating the possibility of the early detection of physiological changes ...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 14816
Last updated on: 1996-08-20
A newly developed sensor of oxygen flux measurements in vivo has been prepared for a clinical trial in the Dermatological Hospital of the University Bochum (Universitaetshautklinik Bochum). A new programme for reflectance measurements has been developed using the Kubelka-Munk ...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 14815
Last updated on: 1996-08-20
[PROJECT] EUROGEM - EUROGEM - Resource Centre 1
ID: GENE930078
Start date: 1993-12-01, End date: 1996-05-31
The first objective of the EUROGEM (European Gene Mapping Program) project isto quickly establish a high resolution Human Genetic Linkage Map, i.e. with intervals spacing of 1 to 2cM. The proposed project is in fact the obvious continuation of the EUROGEM work performed from...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 17731
Last updated on: 1994-01-18
ID: GENE930018
Start date: 1994-01-01, End date: 1996-08-31
The project proposes a strategy aimed at increasing by an important factor the output of electrophoretic sequencing, mapping and DNA-probe genetic diagnosis, by consistently integrating innovations in different fields in which the proposers have specific competences. The mo...
Programme: FP3-BIOMED 1
Record Number: 17829
Last updated on: 1994-01-18
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