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All the University partners in ICAS-GT run undergraduate courses on turbomachinery and propulsion. ICAS-GT has provided them with a wealth of teaching material to enhance the air system, fluid flow and heat transfer elements of such courses. Experimental techniques have been d...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 28242
Last updated on: 2002-08-06
Detailed understanding of how glass composition in SiO2-Al2O3-B2O3-MgO-MgF2-BaO/K2O glasses influences glass properties, nucleation and crystallization behaviour of fluormica glass-ceramics. Results will be published in reputable scientific journals. Aspects which apply to th...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 34651
Last updated on: 2004-12-07
The design and construction methods employed for the magnetostrictive actuators represents a step forward in the state-of-the-art for this technology; they are at present the largest manufactured in Europe. Although their performance will not meet the overall project objective...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 25609
Last updated on: 2001-02-15
GEOSCOPE-WEB is a chain of software which provides all functions of a real-time GIS for the instrumentation and control of soil/structure movements on construction sites. Its main feature is that it is fully compatible with Internet operations. It is composed of the following ...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 25465
Last updated on: 2001-02-19
The objective was to develop saleable 'by-product' fillers (BPFs) from the mineral residues of aggregate quarries. Two quarries were studied, namely siliceous residues from a quarry in Ireland and calcareous residues from a quarry in Greece. A study was also made of an innovat...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 27731
Last updated on: 2002-07-24
During shield tunnelling operation, a shield machine is driven forward by applying mechanical jack forces behind the machine tail and excavating the soil in front of the machine with its cutting face. A research orientated 3D soil-pore water coupled finite element program, whi...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 25472
Last updated on: 2001-02-19
[REPORT SUMMARY] Aluminium foam
Foamed metals can be produced by a powder metallurgical method invented and patented by the Fraunhofer-Institute IFAM in Bremen, Germany. The process begins with the mixing of metal powders (elemental metals, alloys, or powder blends) with a foaming agent, after which the blen...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 25867
Last updated on: 2001-02-22
Numerical simulation methods like finite element or finite volume methods require a mesh, which provides the discretization of the geometry of the domain as well as the internal points, and elements in which the solution variables (velocities, electrical potential, ion concent...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 31799
Last updated on: 2004-02-03
The aim of HarsMeth is to provide the SMEs with a methodology for the hazard assessment of chemical processes. It provides assistance for the safety assessment of batch and semi-batch processes in an easy structured way by using basic rules and methods. The main part of HarsMe...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 31641
Last updated on: 2004-01-19
In order to perfect dyeing recipes in this medium, three main routes have been investigated: treatment of the textile substrate, alteration of the dye molecule, and modification of the solvent properties. With increasing pressure, temperature, density and time a better dyeing ...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 25460
Last updated on: 2001-02-19
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