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The aim of the 3FMS project was to develop an implementation of Free-Flight functions and procedures within a modern Flight Management System and evaluate the acceptability of such a system. From this work, the project should be able to define the free-flight functions that co...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 32665
Last updated on: 2004-07-20
The bovine hides stabilized with neutral salts are tannaged by a normal offer of chrome salt at different pH. The best global results of physical tests are obtained in the split treated at pH 5.0.The sheepskins stabilized with superneutral sodium silicate are tannaged/retannag...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 25013
Last updated on: 2000-07-26
Metallurgical industries produce large volumes of harmful and toxic metal-bearing process and waste solutions. Waste effluents are usually purified by conventional hydroxide precipitation processes, which often do not result in satisfactory decontamination yields. Increasingly...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 32670
Last updated on: 2004-07-20
The basis of this work lies in earlier reviews by ISO and the European Experimental Safety Committee which both recommend a set of requirements to assess the biofidelity of a midsize male side impact dummy. The results of this work are biofidelity targets for head, neck, thora...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 28502
Last updated on: 2002-10-02
This is a reliable network capable of handling all types of process data, from activation of simple sensors to high-level information from computer based equipment such as the ATIS: Integrale, having the ability to connect to any fieldbus that may already exist in the factory....
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 32754
Last updated on: 2004-08-05
The µ-Screen can be used just like an ordinary mesh screen but unlike the latter comprises a custom etched metal foil supported by a surrounding mesh and mounted in the centre of a conventional screen frame. The foil is only etched where printed features are required and nowhe...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 25970
Last updated on: 2003-01-17
The feasibility of the production of new polymer concretes is demonstrated, with thermoset resins such as polyester resin, and natural aggregates, such as silica sand. The new polymer concretes will enable industrial partners to continue their commercial strategy in national a...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 28506
Last updated on: 2003-09-09
Scientific and technical know-how for the deposition of FGM materials on the inner surface of an outer electrode was established. A new EPD technique was developed for depositing on the inner surface of an outer electrode. This was done because the main problem with deposition...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 28396
Last updated on: 2002-09-12
The project has generated data that enable the next generation of flow meters for use in oilfields to incorporate the following features: - Flow regime independence. - Operation in vertical, horizontal and deviated flows. - Obstructionless. - Suitable for further development i...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 27966
Last updated on: 2002-05-30
Optical Fibre Bragg grating-based uni-angular inclinometers have been designed, realised and tested by CEA-LETI. A hanging mass submitted to gravitation is allowed to rotate with respect to an upper part fixed to the inclinometer’s body itself moving with the structure. The an...
Programme: FP4-BRITE/EURAM 3
Record Number: 25461
Last updated on: 2001-02-19
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