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ABsorption chillers for optimised and flexible TRI-GENeration
ID: 38695
Start date: 2007-11-01, End date: 2010-10-31
This project will develop and demonstrate an innovative Tri-Generation technology as well as its ecological benefit and economic competitiveness. According to the state of the art in Tri-Generation Systems single-stage absorption chillers are coupled to co-generation engines t...
Programme: FP6-SUSTDEV
Record Number: 86587
Last updated on: 2011-01-24
Biogas based polygeneration for combined heat, cooling and power applications
ID: 518426
Start date: 2006-01-01, End date: 2009-06-30
This project aims to demonstrate an innovative integration of state of the art technologies resulting in application driven poly-generation based on biogas production and utilisation in combination with other existing waste heat streams for the tri-generation of heat, cooling ...
Programme: FP6-SUSTDEV
Record Number: 85723
Last updated on: 2008-03-20
The COCA code is capable of predicting pulverised coal combustion in a 3-dimensional utility boiler geometry. Additionally, there are also other forms of the code that can be applied on 2-dimensional axisymmetric furnaces. The algorithm is based on a Eulerian description for t...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 19986
Last updated on: 1998-03-05
The project was primarily concerned with the development of acceptable prediction procedures for the performance of coal fired utility boilers. These procedures were to be applicable to existing boilers, to examine the implications of changes to operating procedures, or of ret...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 25310
Last updated on: 2000-09-25
An improved IGCC power plant design was elaborated by the partners of this JOF3-CT95-0004 contract funded in part by the European Commission. The design is based on existing technologies and proven materials, PRENFLO gasifier (Krupp Uhde), cold wet gas cleaning, gas turboset M...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 25305
Last updated on: 2000-09-25
This project was designed to enhance the case for gasification combined cycle systems, primarily through the co-utilisation of coal with biomass and certain wastes. The aim was to build on the technical success of the APAS Contract CT92-0001 by addressing the outstanding R&D i...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 25307
Last updated on: 2000-09-25
The main goal of the project "Advanced Combustion and Gasification of Fuel Blends and Diagnostics of Alkali and Heavy Metal Release" was the investigation and development of data and technologies for commercial use of wastes in industrial applications. The basis for the inves...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 25620
Last updated on: 2003-01-17
Thermal utilization of residues and industrial wastes in combination with fossil fuels and/or biomass will become a very important factor in future energy production in Europe from the viewpoint of environmental aspects, the careful use of resources on fossil fuels as well as ...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 25304
Last updated on: 2000-09-25
A thorough understanding of the wetting behaviour of simple oils on water has been acquired. It has been demonstrated that the equilibrium wetting behaviour of oils on water in the presence of gas does not obey the conventional picture. It involves three, rather than two, diff...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 29061
Last updated on: 2003-01-28
Equations of state are needed that account for the long-range fluctuations as occurring in the near-critical region of a fluid. In this work emphasis has been put on adjusting the Peng-Robinson equation of state accordingly. The Peng-Robinson equation is a cubic equation of st...
Programme: FP4-NNE-JOULE C
Record Number: 29059
Last updated on: 2003-01-28
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