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Fundamental Aspects of Strings and Gravity
[PROJECT] STRINGS&GRAVITY - Fundamental Aspects of Strings and Gravity
ID: 320045
Start date: 2013-04-01, End date: 2019-03-31
The proposed ERC Advanced Grant “Strings&Gravity” is centered around string theory as a consistent theory of quantum gravity in the context of particle physics and cosmology. We are addressing several ground breaking and highly innovative questions about the structure of spac...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 105985
Last updated on: 2017-04-24
Mid-Term Report Summary - ANGLE (Accelerated design and discovery of novel molecular materials via global lattice energy minimisation)
The broad aims of the ANGLE project are to take advantage of developments in computational crystal structure prediction methods by developing their use in guiding the discovery of molecular crystals with targeted properties. Crystal structures with useful properties are...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 178976
Last updated on: 2016-04-27
Accelerated design and discovery of novel molecular materials via global lattice energy minimisation
ID: 307358
Start date: 2012-10-01, End date: 2017-09-30
The goal of crystal engineering is the design of functional crystalline materials in which the arrangement of basic structural building blocks imparts desired properties. The engineering of organic molecular crystals has, to date, relied largely on empirical rules governing t...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 104938
Last updated on: 2017-04-24
Two-body dynamics in general relativity: the self-force approach
ID: 304978
Start date: 2012-10-01, End date: 2017-09-30
"The gravitational two-body problem is a longstanding open problem in General Relativity, dating back to work by Einstein himself in the 1930s. Unlike in Newtonian theory, bound binary orbits in relativity are never periodic: the system loses energy via emission of gravitatio...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 104806
Last updated on: 2017-04-24
Mid-Term Report Summary - GSF (Two-body dynamics in general relativity: the self-force approach)
Orbits around black holes have a complicated dynamics, driven by the back-reaction force (``self-force'') exerted on the orbiting object by its own gravitational field. Our project aims to provide a precise description of this radiative dynamics within General Relativity. Such...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 178986
Last updated on: 2016-04-27
Mid-Term Report Summary - ALPROS (Artificial Life-like Processive Systems)
Processive catalysts are found in Nature and are involved in important biochemical processes that have to be carried out with high precision. They are composed of ring-shaped proteins that move along biopolymers while performing a catalytic reaction, e.g. the duplication or...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 179765
Last updated on: 2016-04-21
Artificial Life-like Processive Systems
ID: 290886
Start date: 2012-02-01, End date: 2017-01-31
Toroidal processive enzymes (e.g. enzymes/proteins that are able to thread onto biopolymers and to perform stepwise reactions along the polymer chain) are among the most fascinating tools involved in the clockwork machinery of life. Processive catalysis is ubiquitous in Natur...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 102184
Last updated on: 2017-04-24
Drugging the Undruggable: Discovery of Protein-Protein Interaction Modulators Using Diversity-Oriented Synthesis
ID: 279337
Start date: 2012-01-01, End date: 2016-12-31
This proposal aims to exploit diversity-oriented synthesis in order to lay the scientific and technological foundations for the development of enzyme inhibition by protein-protein interaction (PPI) modulation as a tool for chemical biology and molecular therapeutics. We will ...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 100999
Last updated on: 2017-04-24
Final Report Summary - DOS (Drugging the Undruggable: Discovery of Protein-Protein Interaction Modulators Using Diversity-Oriented Synthesis)
We have pioneered the development of innovative chemistry-centred methods for the discovery of novel small molecules that probe challenging biological processes of significant therapeutic relevance. We have developed several new diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) platforms for...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 197295
Last updated on: 2017-04-11
Final Report Summary - PHOXY (Phosphorus dynamics in low-oxygen marine systems: quantifying the nutrient-climate connection in Earth’s past, present and future)
Phosphorus (P) is a key and often limiting nutrient for algae in the ocean. There is a strong positive feedback between P availability, algal growth and low oxygen in the ocean: when you have more algae, this can lead to less oxygen in deeper waters, which, in turn, can...
Programme: FP7-IDEAS-ERC
Record Number: 197298
Last updated on: 2017-04-11
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