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This action should support the development and work of a EPPN with a clear added value to current H2020 pilot activities. The coordination action shall aim in particular to actively identify best practise on maximising the impact of new and existing pilot line activities in...
Record Number: 702308
Two main elements should be addressed: Projects should develop one or more innovative solutions (functional materials or techniques) for the conservation of tangible 20th century cultural heritage. To maximise the impact, the most relevant issues and objects should be...
Record Number: 701808
With a view to intelligent testing strategies (ITS) for nanomaterials, it is of high priority to develop and adopt realistic and advanced in vitro tests which have the potential to substantially improve the relevance of in-vitro approaches. Current in-vitro experiments mostly...
Record Number: 701806
[PROGRAMME] Presidency events
In order to ensure high political and strategic relevance, the active involvement of the competent National Authority(ies) will be evaluated.Proposals should address topics of major relevance at the time of the events. An appropriate equilibrium should be present in the...
Record Number: 701803
The focus is on further development into a clinical setting of novel MNBS platforms, techniques and systems that have already been proven in a laboratory setting (laboratory Proof-of-Concept). These must pertain to one or more of the following: In vitro/in vivo diagnostics...
Record Number: 701791
The existing and rapidly progressing knowledge in this domain, in terms of characterisation of material properties and of possible adverse effects from their applications, is expected to allow for classification of ENMs based on morphology, composition...
Record Number: 701805
Proposals should focus on the development of advanced materials, materials solutions or new chemistries, to up-scale the chemical storage of energy in chemicals or hydrogen to economically viable levels. The proposals should select one or more of the following subjects: The...
Record Number: 701796
The proposed pilot lines should address the development, upscaling and demonstration in relevant industrial environments of reliable manufacturing processes to obtain nanostructured surfaces with mechanically enhanced properties.They should use existing pilot lines as a...
Record Number: 701822
Proposals should advance the field of medical regulatory science and practice through the development and validation of science based regulatory knowledge and standardisation of innovative technical tools and methods. The intention is to lead to a new and better methodology...
Record Number: 701792
Supporting the development of an ecosystem for nanomedicine in Europe, including activities such as coordinating national platforms and regional clusters; developing common training material and services; international cooperation related to community building, road-mapping...
Record Number: 701795
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