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Aim of the project is to develop breakthrough material constituting structure of electrical cabinets, and able to integrate mechanical and/or electrical and/or thermal elements. The expectation is to develop material(s), compliant with aeronautical application specification...
Record Number: 702500
To Design, Manufacture and Test up to TRL 5 a Low Power De-Icing System suitable for Small Aircraft applications. A mixed solution Electro-Thermal and Electro–Expulsive is preferred. The idea is to design the system on the icing requirement of a modified P180...
Record Number: 700868
The objectives of the project are to study, design and develop a full-color-very high luminance display system based on ~1” micro LED arrays on sapphire hybridized on an active matrix backplane. The final application of the component would be for the next generation of...
Record Number: 701755
The objective of the proposed activity is to develop an autonomous wireless sensor able to measure current level using local energy (no additional power supply interface), then to transmit the measured data to a remote equipment using wireless communication. Please refer to...
Record Number: 702502
The topic intends to explore the applicability of anaphoretic electrocoat on aircraft parts made of aluminium alloys. The aims are replacement of chromate–containing anodizing process, reduction of emissions, saving of coat and improvement of corrosion protection.Re-Issuance...
Record Number: 702501
The work of the partner is to develop, manufacture and test high efficient none-structural landing gear parts for helicopter and aircrafts based on advanced carbon fiber material systems and highly automated production technologies considering lightweight construction...
Record Number: 700897
The subject of this CfP turns on the miniaturization of a diphasic loop with the aim of transferring and dissipating the calories of a power converter.This micro diphasic loop will be able of interfacing with our converter of power in a minimized volume.The mass...
Record Number: 700896
The intelligent management of electric and thermal power at aircraft level has a great impact on the cabin aero- and thermodynamics. The resulting needs to exploit the aircraft cabin heat capacity especially with respect to future ventilation systems and the passenger...
Record Number: 701741
A demonstrator of a complete EPDS prototype for Small Aircraft will be designed and manufactured, containing modules commanded and monitored in accordance with an intelligent power management system. Virtual and laboratory test benches will be used to identify...
Record Number: 702288
Strategic topic corresponds to necessity to equipe category of small airtcraft with affordable avionics system enabling cost-effective operation while still keeping the high level of flight safety and dispatch reliability. The existing solutions for other aircraft categories...
Record Number: 701722
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