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The Role of Beta-Adrenergic Signaling in Cardiac Progenitor Cell Activation after Myocardial Infarction
ID: 629434
Start date: 2015-04-14, End date: 2017-04-13
Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of mortality in the industrialized world with myocardial infarction (MI) being one of the common pathological events. Cardiac progenitor cells (CPC) are a progenitor cell population within the myocardium and are activated after MI t...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 189968
Last updated on: 2017-07-12
Linking Sino-European Research Institutions in the Mobile Cloud Computing Era
ID: 612212
Start date: 2014-01-01, End date: 2016-12-31
Mobile Cloud Computing emerges as a new computing paradigm where mobile devices exploit the available cloud computing platform for performing specific tasks and/or accessing data on demand rather than on the individual devices themselves. A key element missing in current mobi...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 109598
Last updated on: 2017-07-12
Partnering Opportunities between Europe and China in the Renewable Energies and Environmental industries
ID: 318908
Start date: 2013-01-01, End date: 2016-12-31
The research project aims at integrating and combining economic, legal and engineering competencies to analyze the level of economic cooperation reached so far between China and Europe in the renewable energy and the environment industries and to identify specific areas to bo...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 105032
Last updated on: 2017-07-02
Construction and modes of expression of differences in collective action of Afro-Americans and Latinos in a California barrio. Two case studies: One East Palo Alto and San Francis of Assisi
ID: 326879
Start date: 2013-11-04, End date: 2016-11-03
"GENIDMOV is based on studies of ""unlikely mobilizations"" that are emerging increasingly in a context of global economic crisis and growing social inequality. It focuses on the empowerment process of minority groups (Blacks and Latinos) through their collective action, on t...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 109812
Last updated on: 2017-06-26
European Particle physics Latin American NETwork
ID: 246806
Start date: 2011-02-01, End date: 2016-01-31
The High Energy Physics (HEP) European scientific community has developed cutting-edge, large-scale facilities that make it a world leader. Particle Physics Programmes in Europe are attracting participation of groups from non-European countries, in particular from Latin Ameri...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 97759
Last updated on: 2017-06-21
Dynamic and Plasticity of Spatial Perception and Attention Neural Processes
ID: 303293
Start date: 2012-11-01, End date: 2017-10-01
Spatial attention is vital for interacting with the surrounding environment. Recent studies in cognitive neuroscience suggest that the fronto-parietal regions may exert a top-down attentional influence on early sensory processing areas. However the dynamics and the role of th...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 106259
Last updated on: 2017-06-12
Structure, strength and invasibility of aphid food webs
ID: 611810
Start date: 2014-02-01, End date: 2018-01-31
The project aims at characterizing and comparing food webs associated with aphids developing on 6 distinct ecosystems in native vs. invaded areas (continents). By considering food webs associated with pest insects and comparing food web structure & functioning on an internati...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 110605
Last updated on: 2017-06-05
Salvador da Bahia: American, European, and African forging of a colonial capital city
ID: 318988
Start date: 2012-09-01, End date: 2016-08-31
The project Bahia16-19 aims at creating a top-level research and advanced training network on the colonial history of the Atlantic. The coordinator, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal), promotes this network together with the Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and with E...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 104602
Last updated on: 2017-06-05
Integrating new practices in programs of Biological Control against Agricultural pests
ID: 269196
Start date: 2011-02-01, End date: 2015-01-31
Agriculture faces new challenges as a consequence of the increase of human populations, the demand of more sustainable ways of production and the increase of crop pest resistances and invasions. In this context, crop protection methods relying on the use of natural enemies (b...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 99087
Last updated on: 2017-06-05
Molecular and structural analysis of A20 in the modulation of apoptosis: anti-inflammatory potential in vasculitis
ID: 224769
Start date: 2008-04-01, End date: 2012-03-31
The ubiquitin editing protein A20, a novel 90kDa zinc-finger protein has an universal anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting NF-kappaB activation. In endothelial cells, the induction of A20 by inflammatory stimuli renders cells resistant to apoptosis. However, A20 can have ...
Programme: FP7-PEOPLE
Record Number: 86444
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
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