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The European Network for Translational Research in Atrial Fibrillation
ID: 261057
Start date: 2010-11-01, End date: 2015-10-31
The initiation and perpetuation of atrial fibrillation (AF) can be regarded as a complication of a progressive transformation of the structure and functional properties of the atria. This transformation is the result of complex and multiple changes at the molecular, cellular ...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 96749
Last updated on: 2017-07-12
Alcohol Measures for Public Health Research Alliance (AMPHORA)
ID: 223059
Start date: 2009-01-01, End date: 2012-12-31
AMPHORA is a Europe wide project involving researches and research institutions from 14 European countries, and counterparts and organizations from all 27 Member States, that will provide new scientific evidence for the best public health measures to reduce the harm done by a...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 92876
Last updated on: 2017-06-28
Rapid development and distribution of statistical tools for high-throughput sequencing data
ID: 305626
Start date: 2012-12-01, End date: 2015-11-30
High-throughput sequencing (HTS) is a powerful and rapidly evolving family of technologies with a multitude of applications. They include genetics of rare and common diseases, understanding of disease mechanism and progression through transcriptome and epigenome profiling, ca...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 105701
Last updated on: 2017-06-05
Profiling the toxicity of new drugs: a non animal-based approach integrating toxicodynamics and biokinetics
ID: 202222
Start date: 2008-05-01, End date: 2013-10-31
The overall aim of Predict-IV is to develop strategies to improve the assessment of drug safety in the early stage of development and late discovery phase, by an intelligent combination of non animal-based test systems, cell biology, mechanistic toxicology and in-silico model...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 86700
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
Targeting alpha-particle emitting radionuclides to combat cancer
ID: 201962
Start date: 2008-01-01, End date: 2011-06-30
This project aims at improving drug delivery to cancer cells by developing targeted radiotherapy with alpha-emitting radionuclides. Alpha particles emitted by radionuclides have short tracks (about 100 microns) in body tissues. As a result, they should be most appropriate to ...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 88202
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
Ultra-high resolution and ultra-sensitive fluorescence methods for objective sub-cellular diagnosis of early disease and disease progression in breast and prostate cancer
ID: 201837
Start date: 2008-06-01, End date: 2012-05-31
The overall objective of this proposal is to develop and validate a quantitative, minimally invasive diagnostic tool for early and conclusive detection, diagnosis and monitoring of disease and disease progression of breast and prostate cancer. A methodology will be developed ...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 86696
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
Hybrid Fluorescence Molecular Tomography and X-ray Computed Tomography system and method
ID: 201792
Start date: 2008-03-01, End date: 2012-08-31
This proposal offers to combine X-ray CT (XCT) and Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) into a hybrid, quantitative system and method. The project builds on state-of the-art knowledge that only recently became available in different European states as represented by the pa...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 86695
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
An integrated concept of tumor metastasis: implications for therapy
ID: 201662
Start date: 2008-04-01, End date: 2012-03-31
From many perspectives our concept of the process of metastasis is inadequate and needs to be revised. In particular, the potential impact of recent ideas about the cellular basis of tumor growth (cancer stem cells) and the establishment by remote tumors of special permissive...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 86765
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
HGF/SF and MET in metastasis
[PROJECT] SFMET - HGF/SF and MET in metastasis
ID: 201640
Start date: 2008-04-01, End date: 2011-09-30
The growth and motility factor HGF/SF and its receptor MET define a paracrine signalling system which controls the migration of several cell lineages in embryogenesis and tissue repair. In a large number of human tumours, cancer cells hijack HGF/SF and MET signalling in order...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 86693
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
Embryonic Stem cell-based Novel Alternative Testing Strategies
ID: 201619
Start date: 2008-04-01, End date: 2013-09-30
"ESNATS aims at developing a novel toxicity test platform based on embryonic stem cells (ESC), especially human ESC (hESC), to accelerate drug development, reduce R&D costs and propose a powerful alternative to animal tests (3 Rs). ESNATS will address current drug-testing sho...
Programme: FP7-HEALTH
Record Number: 87281
Last updated on: 2017-05-30
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