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bullet point Guidance notes for Projects and Supporting Activities in the frame of grant agreements under the Preparatory Action for Security Research (Version July 2005): ( PDF ) ( Word )

bullet point Grant Agreement Preparation Forms of (final version):

bullet point Negotiation guidance notes for coordinators of (final version):

bullet point Model Grant Agreement for the Preparatory Action for Security Reserach by Commission Decision c(2004)4177, adopted on 29 october 2004:

  • core model grant agreement ( PDF )
  • Model letter for guarantee from bank or insurance company ( PDF )
  • annex II (General conditions) ( PDF )
  • annex III - Form A (Accession to the contract) ( PDF )
  • annex IV - Form B (Request for accession of new beneficiary) ( PDF )
  • annex V - Form C (Financial statement per activity)
    • for projects ( PDF ) ( Word )
    • for supporting activity ( PDF ) ( Word )
  • Special clauses ( PDF )

bullet point Research for a Secure Europe - Report of the Group of Personalities in the field of Security Research, March 2004: ( PDF )

bullet point Commission Decision on the implementation of the Preparatory Action on the Enhancement of the European Industrial Potential in the Field of Security Research, C(2004) 249 final: ( PDF )

bullet point ANNEX - Implementation of the Preparatory Action, C(2004) 249 final: ( PDF )

bullet point Commission Communication, "Towards a programme to advance European security through Research and Technology", COM(2004) 72 final: ( PDF )

bullet point Commission Communication, "Towards an EU Defence Equipment Policy", COM(2003) 113 final: ( PDF )

bullet point STAR 21 - Strategic Aerospace Review for the 21st century: ( PDF )

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