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Sustainable energy systems
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Bio-energy enlarged perspectives - Contractors meeting and brokerage event


Budapest Congress Centre, Hungary

General Information

Information (PDF)
Programme (PDF)
List of Participants (PDF)

Poster exposition

Poster abstracts (PDF)


The presentations are in compressed PDF formats. Click on the presentation title to download the ZIP files.

October 16

Opening Session
09.30 Welcome addresses , Pablo Fernandez Ruiz, European Commission, DG Research and G. Hatvani, Minister of Economy and Transport, Hungary
10.00 Bio-energy in Candidate Countries , Grzegorz Wisniewki, Baltic Renewable Energy Center, Poland

Plenary Session
11.00 Introduction by the chairperson , Peter Lund, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
11.10 Potential for bioenergy in Europe , Josef Spitzer, JRC, Austria
11.30 Market development, present and future trends , Kees Kwant, NOVEM, The Netherlands
11.50 Overcoming barriers for Bioenergy , Béla Marosvoelgyi, University of West Hungary, Hungary
12.10 Bioenergy research programmes , Björn Telenius, STEM, Sweden

Parallel Session

A - Biochemical conversion systems
(1) Integrated Biomass Utilisation for Production of Biofuels , CO-PRODUCTION BIOFUELS, Charles Nielsen, ELSAM A/S, Denmark
(2) Technological Improvement for Ethanol Production from Lignocellulose , TIME, Liisa Viikari, VTT, Finland
(3) Development of a Biotechnological High Yield Process for Ethanol Production, based on a continuous fermentation reactor , FERMATEC, Antonio Ferreira, TECNIA, Portugal
(4) Large Bioethanol / ETBE Integrated Project In China And Italy , ECHI-T, David Chiaramonti, ETA, Italy
(5) Maximum energy yield from organic wastes and decontamination to a high quality organic fertilizer by a microbiological hybrid process , ENERDEC, Martin Wellacher, Komptech-Farwick Heissenberger & Pretzler GmbH, Austria
(6) Biochemicals and Energy from sustainable utilisation of herbacous biomass , BESUB, Asgeir Leifsson, The Icelandic Biomass Company Ltd, Iceland
(7) Three step fermentation of solid state biowaste for biogas production and sanitation , 3A-BIOGAS, Horst jun. Müller, Müller Abfallprojekte GmbH, Austria
(8) Development of an improved energy recovery of biogas by cooling and reouval of harmful substances , EROB, Stephan Waerdt, PRO2 Anlagentechnik GmbH, Germany
(9) Advanced prediction, monitoring and controlling of anaerobic digestion processes behaviour towards biogas usage in fuel cells , AMONCO, Marianne Haberbauer, Profactor Productionsforschungs GmbH, Austria
(10) Holistic Integration Of Mcfc Technology Towards A Most Effective Systems Compound Using Biogas As A Renewable Source Of Energy, , EFFECTIVE, Steven Trogisch, PROFACTOR, Austria

B - European Research Area - IP and NoE in the first call
(1) ERA Bioenergy Strategy - Short Term Measures to develop the European Research Area for Bioenergy RTD , ERA BIOENERGY, Josef Spitzer, Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft GmbH, Austria
(2) Overcoming Barriers to Bioenergy , NOE-BIOENERGY, Kai Sipilä, VTT, Finland
(3) Renewable fuels for advanced powertrains , RENEW, Frank Seyfried, Volkswagen AG, Germany
(4) Clean Hydrogen-rich Synthesis Gas , CHRISGAS, Thomas Thornqvist , Växjö University, Sweden

C - Thermochemical conversion systems: Combustion and cofiring
(1) Clean Energy Recovery from Biomass Waste & Residues , BIOWARE, Lourdes Armesto Lopez, CIEMAT, Spain
(2) Optimisation And Design Of Biomass Systems , OPTICOMB, Lambertus Van Kessel, TNO, The Netherlands
(3) Biomass/waste FBC with Inorganics Control , BIFIC, Birgitta Strömberg, TPS, Sweden
(4) Aerosols in fixed-bed biomass combustion-formation, growth, chemical composition, deposition, precipitation and separation from flue gas , BIO-AEROSOLS, Ingwald Obernberger, Technical University of Graz, Austria
(5) The Influence Of Tar Composition And Concentration On Fouling, Emission And Efficiency Of Micro And Small Scale Gas Turbines By Combustion Of Biomass Derived Low Calorific Valued Gas , TARGET, Hartmut Spliethoff, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands
(6) Safe Co-combustion and extended use of biomass in CHP FB plants with accepted emissions - Target action H , FBCBIOW, Martti Aho, VTT Energy, Finland

D - Thermochemical conversion systems: Gasification and pyrolysis
(1) Catalyst development for catalytic biomass flash pyrolysis producing promising liquid bio-fuels , BIOCAT, Angelos Lappas, CRES, Greece
(2) Efficient and clean production of electricity from biomass via pyrolysis oil and hydrogen, utilizing fuel cells , BIO-ELECTICITY, Wolter Prins, University of Twente, The Netherlands
(3) A new competitive liquid biofuel for heating , COMBIO, Yrjö Solantausta, VTT, Finland
(4) Improvement of the Economics of biomass/waste gasification by higher carbon conversion and advanced ash management , GASASH, Matti Nieminen, VTT Energy, Finland
(5) Biomass gasification for CHP with dry gas cleaning and regenerative heat recovery , DRYGASCLEANING, Philippe Girard, CIRAD, France
(6) Development of a standard method (Protocol) for the measurement of organic contaminants "tars" in biomass producer gases , TAR PROTOCOL, Jacob H.A. Kiel, Netherlands Energy Research Foundation, The Netherlands
(7) Standardisation of a Guideline for the Measurement of Tars in Biomass producer gases , TAR MEASUREMENT, Beatriz Coda, ECN, The Netherlands

October 17

Parallel Session

E - Combine heat and power
(1) Hial - Biofuels For Chp Plants - Reduced Emissions And Cost Reduction In The Combustion Of High Alkali Biofuels , HIAL, Klaus Hilpert, FZJ, Germany
(2) Straw Gasification For Co-Combustion In Large CHP Plants , STRAWGAS, Hakon Mosbech, ELKRAFT, Denmark
(3) Biomass Cogeneration Network , BIOCOGEN, Calliope Panoutsou, CRES, Greece
(4) Biomass heatpipe reformer , BIOHPR, Jürgen Karl, Technische Universität München, Germany
(5) Unification of power plant and solid waste incineration Target Action H , UPSSWING, Klaus R.G. Hein, Universität Stuttgart, Germany
(6) Inteligent Process Control System For Biomass Fuelled Industrial Power Plants - Targeted Action H , INTCON, Klas Engvall, TPS, Sweden

F - Biomass resources and potential: Feedstock
(1) Energy forest development on areas in central-eastern Europe, where the agricultural producing is uneconomical - an assessment study , ENERGY FOREST, Janos Horvath, Geo-Montan Co., Hungary
(2) Biofuel production potential of EU-Candidate Countries , ESTO, Boyan Kavalov, IPTS, Spain
(3) Integrated Energy and fibre production by a sulphur-free and carbon dioxide neutral process , EFPRO, Kari Ebeling, UPM-KYMMENE Corp., Finland
(4) Accompanying measure on critical technology selection and conference for renewable energy recovery from biomass generated within the European Leather Sector , MOND, Victoria Addy, BLC, United Kingdom
(5) Development of an innovative acidic shape-selective mineral catalyst added pelletised fuel from organic wastes , ASMICAF, Elmar Klaus Wolff, Teccon-Innovation GmbH, Germany
(6) Energy wood production chains in Europe , ECHAINE, Matti Parikka, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Sweden
(7) Bioenergy Chains from Perennial Crops in South Europe TARGET ACTION H, BIOENERGY CHAINS, Christou Myrsini, C.R.E.S, Greece
(8) Pre-normative work on sampling and testing of solid biofuels for the development of quality management , BIONORM, Martin Kaltschmitt, Institut für Energetik und Umwelt GmbH, Germany

G - Thermochemical conversion systems: Cofiring
(1) Advanced Biomass Reburning In Coal Combustion Systems , ABRICOS, Guy Bencteux, EDF-DRD, France
(2) Application of liquid biofuels in new heating technologies for domestic appliances based on cool flame vaporisation and porous medium combustion , BIOFLAM, Thomas Brehmer, OMV Aktiengesellschaft, Austria
(3) Quality Of Secondary Fuel for pulverised fuel co-combustion , SEFCO, Hartmut Spliethoff, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands
(4) Mitigation Of Formation Of Chlorine Rich Deposits Affecting On Superheater Corrosion Under Co-combustion Conditions Target Action H , CORBI, Markku Orjala, VTT, Finland
(5) Influences From Biofuel (co-) Combustion On Catalytic Converters In Coal Fired Power Plants -target Action H , CATDEACT Klaus R.G. HEIN, University of Stuttgart, Germany
(6) Reduction Of Toxic Metal Emissions From Industrial Combustion Plants-impact Of Emission Control Technologies-Target Action H , TOMERED, Klaus R.G. Hein, University of Stuttgart, Germany

H - Thermochemical conversion systems: Gasification: Gas cleaning + H2 production
(1) Degradation of tarwater from biomass gasification , DE-TAR, Bjorn Teislev, Babcock & Wilcox Volund, Denmark
(2) Development of selective catalytic oxidation "SCO" technology and other high temperature NH3 removal processes for gasification power plant , AMMONIA REMOVAL, Pekka Simell, VTT Energy, Finland
(3) Tar decomposition by Novel Catalytic Hot Gas Cleaning methods , NOVACAT, Pekka Simell, VTT Energy, Finland
(4) Biomass and waste conversion in supercritical water for the production of renewable hydrogen , SUPERHYDROGEN, Bert van de Beld, BTG, The Netherlands
(5) Hydrogen fuel gas form supercritical water gasification of wine grape residues and wet rest-biomass , WINEGAS, Manfred Bauer, Bauer Kompost GmbH, Germany
(6) A new approach for the production of a hydrogen-rich gas from biomass - an absorption enhanced reforming process , AER-GAS, Michael Specht, Center for solar energy and hydrogen research, Germany
(7) Biomass gasification and fuel cell coupling via high temperature gas clean-up for decentralised electicity generation with improved efficiency , CLEAN ENERGY FORM BIOMASS, Antonio Germana, Universita degli studi di l'Aquila, Italy

Plenary Session
14.00 Introduction by the chairperson , Melvyn F. Askew, Central Science Laboratory, United Kingdom
14.10 Biomass and environment , Miroslav Safarik, Czech Environmental Institute, Czech Republic
14.30 Main messages from the technical sessions
15.30 Research in bioenergy in the 6th FP - future calls, Wiktor Raldow, DG Research

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