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Sustainable energy systems
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International Cooperation on SES

Funding is available for the participation of researchers, teams and institutions from third countries in projects within the "Sustainable Energy Systems" (SES) thematic sub-priority, as well as under "Specific activities covering a wider field of research".

The international co-operation activities in question have the following overall objectives:

  • To help European researchers, businesses and research organisations in the European Union and in the countries associated with the Framework programme to have access to knowledge and expertise existing elsewhere in the world, and

  • To help ensure Europe's strong and coherent participation in the research initiatives conducted at international level in order to push back the boundaries of knowledge or help to resolve the major global issues.

Participants from all third countries (1) and from international organisations may take part in all activities under this heading in addition to the minimum number of participants required.

Participants from developing countries, Mediterranean partner countries, Western Balkan countries, as well as Russia and the new independent states (see the list of countries in Annex C) can be funded in all activities under this heading (2) . Other third country participants can also be funded in those areas where the relevant part of this work programme makes reference to this possibility or if it is essential for carrying out the research activity.

Global international co-operation will be encouraged for research activities addressing the environmental consequences of energy policies, energy supply inter-dependency, and cross border energy and environmental issues. The focus will be on activities of mutual concern and synergy with other international programmes and initiatives such as those of the International Energy Agency.

Activities will therefore be encouraged in the form of:

  • initiatives aimed at securing a leading role for Europe in international research efforts on global sustainable energy issues;
  • integrated bilateral co-operation activities in sustainable energy research with third countries or groups of third countries;
  • participation of third country researchers and organisations in sustainable energy research projects and networks in areas of common interest.

International Cooperation Activities in FP6

EU-Russia Cooperation in Research

(1) There is currently no co-operation with Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Myanmar, or North Korea. This situation is subject to review, in line with the Community's external policies. Please check on Cordis for updates.

(2) 285 million euro has in fact been allocated for participation from the targeted third countries (see Annex C) within the Priority Thematic Areas of Research and specific activities covering a wider field of research.

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