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Sustainable energy systems
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Short to Medium-term Research (DG Energy and Transport)

Research activities having an impact in the short to medium term

Community research is one of the main instruments which serve to support the development and implementation of new legislative instruments and other policy measures in the field of energy and to change significantly current unsustainable patterns of development. In the short to medium term, the goal is to pave the way for the introduction of innovative and cost competitive renewable and energy efficiency technologies into the market as quickly as possible through demonstration and other research actions aiming at the market, thus supporting the future development and implementation of the EU Directives on electricity from renewable energy sources and on the energy performance of buildings, as well as the proposed Directives on cogeneration (CHP) and the establishment of regulatory and fiscal measures for the promotion of liquid biofuels.

From a programme implementation perspective the objective is to bring forward and demonstrate the next generation of cost-effective technologies at full scale. The scale of demonstration projects should allow a comprehensive life-cycle assessment under real life conditions. New integrated projects will mobilise the necessary actors and resources to create real life laboratories to investigate the optimal market penetration paths and the most sustainable alternatives. Projects will include socio-economic research into the interfaces between the new energy technologies and their markets, for example innovative policy packages, financing mechanisms and user/consumer acceptance.

Proposals addressing short-to-medium term research should comply with one or more of the following guidelines:

  • Deliver results, which will accelerate the market penetration of innovative energy technologies with a particular emphasis on 2010 energy policy objectives.

  • Consist mainly of integrated demonstration actions with a typical research component of up to about 20% and including, where appropriate, pre-normative research, energy technology integration, dissemination and technology transfer activities. The risks to be addressed are mainly technological and might include market related and financial issues.

  • Demonstrate reductions in the costs associated with implementation of new technologies and/or demonstrate how innovative technological solutions can be integrated under full-scale operating conditions.

  • Provide inputs for the future development of energy policy and legislation, including the improvement of existing regulatory measures, whilst serving EU research and related policies.

The research components of short to medium term projects should adopt a multidisciplinary approach, including, where appropriate, socio-economic research on the future policy, market and end user impacts of the innovative energy technologies involved, in addition to technology focused research.

This part of the SES sub-priority addresses three main research areas, two of them further split into two sub-sections, as summarised in the following table:

Clean energy, in particular renewable energy sources and their integration in the energy system, including storage, distribution and use
Cost-effective supply of renewable energies
Large-scale integration of renewable energy sources into energy supplies
Energy savings and energy efficiency, including those to be achieved through the use of renewable raw materials
Alternative motor fuels

For a detailed description of the topics open for proposals, please refer to the specific call information and Work Programme available here .

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