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Sustainable Urban Management and Land Use From European research to application at the local level

Prague, Czech Republic 1-2 July 2004

The conference was organised by the European Commission, DG Research Directorate I - Environment and the Senate of the Czech Republic, and supported by the Municipality of Prague. It took place at the Palace of Wallenstein, Prague.
The Target participants included politicians and decision makers, research community especially in the fields of governance, urban design, cultural heritage sustainable construction and transport, urban and regional stakeholders, including industry and technology developers and regulators."

1) Dissemination and uptake of results from EU research projects on sustainable urban management and land use. The main focus will be on the research undertaken by the Key Action "City of tomorrow and cultural heritage" under the 5th Framework Programme of the EU as well as the research on sustainable development and land use. The conference will highlight the progress made in the development of integrated decision making tools and technologies in support of sustainability. The conference will also serve to promote the transfer of knowledge from research projects to both practitioners and policy makers who need assistance for implementing sustainable development in their own local and regional environment.

2) Encouraging participation to the 6th Framework Programme under priorities "Global Change and Ecosystems" and "scientific support to policy" (/fp6), with a special focus on participants from the 10 new Member States of the European Union and Candidate Countries (Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey).


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