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Welcome to FLEXIMODO!

Are you interested in the future of your city or town? Would you like to see improvements to your local community? If so, you will be interested in the FLEXIMODO project.
Everyone has a role to play

At the heart of this project lies the belief that all sections of the community - residents, business, technical experts and politicians - have a valuable role to play in structuring its future. Over the past two years, the FLEXIMODO consortium, supported by the European Commission's Innovation and SMEs Programme, has further developed and expanded a systematic mechanism specially designed to facilitate meaningful dialogue between these groups.

This mechanism is known as the European Awareness Scenario Workshop® ( EASW (1) ). At each workshop, about thirty people come together to discuss and debate what improvements should be made in their town. They also decide how solutions might be implemented and who should be responsible for change.

Each workshop is inspired by four extreme scenarios that illustrate how life might look in the future. The original workshop, created in Denmark in the early 1990s, used scenarios which focused on environmental issues such as recycling, waste and energy use. Since the European Commission first launched the initiative at the European level in 1994, over 60 workshops have taken place.

The workshop structure itself is generic. Facilitators saw that the workshop could be used to address problems beyond the environment. For example, how can deprived neighbourhoods be revived? What forms of public transport can help reduce traffic? How can unemployment be reduced? Will new technologies revolutionise city life?

A more flexible, modular approach

The FLEXIMODO project has made the EASW method more flexible by researching and developing three new scenario modules covering urban regeneration, information and communication, and mobility.

As city planning increasingly integrates different policy aspects, the project partners have also created six sets of 'hybrid' scenarios so that a workshop can deal with two key themes at once.

Through this Training and Dissemination Schemes project, nine European cities have been given the opportunity to hold scenario workshops. As a result, the new scenarios have been evaluated and amended so that they can be applied across Europe.

The FLEXIMODO team (see box) also adapted the original workshop programme to suit a range of different working styles. Shorter programmes are now available as well as programmes designed to accommodate the different working styles found in Northern and Southern Europe.

This brochure explains how the European Awareness Scenario Workshop method has been developed through the FLEXIMODO project. It illustrates how the workshops are run in practice and provides examples of what local communities have achieved by adopting this participatory approach.

If you are interested in running a scenario workshop in your city or town, or if you would like more information, contact one of the partners. Details are given at end of the brochure.

(1) European Awareness Scenario Workshop is a registered trade mark

          FLEXIMODO partners

  • The International Institute for the Urban Environment (IIUE), The Netherlands (Co-ordinator)
  • The Netherlands Organisation of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) / Dialogic, The Netherlands
  • Danish Board of Technology, Denmark
  • Fondazione IDIS Instituto per la Diffusione e la Valorizzazione della Cultura Scientifica, Italy
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal