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CORDIS Telematics Applications

European Telematics: Advancing the Information Society
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Ten years of European Union support for research and development on information and communication technologies applications for the benefit of European society will be celebrated in Barcelona at the European Telematics conference. The occasion will not just look at the achievements of the past, but will also look forward, exploring visions for future research and assessing future opportunities for EU funding.

The Telematics Applications programme is a key part of the EU's strategy of support for the building of Europe's Information Society. With its focus on meeting the needs of users, the programme has helped improve the delivery of services of public interest, promote the competitiveness of European industry and stimulate job creation.

By bringing together users, industry and researchers in shaping leading-edge technologies and transforming them into applications for the European Information Society, and by working closely with all types of users, it ensures that the services developed are adapted to user requirements and that they are accessible, user-friendly and cost-effective. Thanks to Community support, a wide variety of telematics applications have been developed across Europe over the past ten years which offer significant improvements in access to and exchange of information in a range of areas. These include telematics applications research for services of public interest (administrations, transport), telematics applications research for improving employment and quality of life (healthcare, services for the disabled and elderly, urban and rural areas and environment) and telematics applications for knowledge (research, education and training, and libraries). The programme also supports horizontal RTD activities in the areas of language engineering, information engineering and telematics engineering.

This special CORDIS focus feature, published to coincide with the Barcelona conference, provides an insight into the achievements of the Telematics Applications programme and plans for future activities in this area under the EU's Fifth Framework Programme, due to start before the end of 1998. It features a joint interview with the two Directors of the programme - Michel Richonnier (Telematics Applications) and Frans de Bru�ne (information industry and market, and language processing) - who share their visions of the achievements and future directions of this key sector. A small selection of the projects supported by the programme are highlighted in the Telematics Applications "Success Stories".

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