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Host Laboratory Scientific Supervisor
Stazione Sperimentale per l'Industria delle Conserve Alimentari
Meat and Meat Production Department
Viale Faustino Tanara 31/A
43100 Parma
Dr. Roberta Virgili
Tel : +39/521 79 52 37 / Fax : +39/521 77 18 29
Email : (email removed)
Grant Holder
Mr. Christian Vestergaard (Danish)
Tel : 45 43 64 65 36 / Fax : 45 33 75 20 50
Research objectives and content The ageing period of dry-cured ham (DCH) is characterised by extensive lipolysis, partly induced by ageing time. technological treatment, amount, composition and lipolytic activity of fat, degree of drying and high iron level. Lipolysis is of great importance to DCH flavour, but also affects nutritional properties by formation of lipid degradation products. The control of the above mentioned parameters could enable the improvement of nutritional properties without affecting the flavour development. Parma hams of different ageing time, salt content, proximate composition, intramuscular fat composition, will be tested for rancidity (TBA), peroxide number and cholesterol oxides. Changes of intramuscular fat composition and lipolytic activity in raw material will be investigated. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) The trainee will learn analysis of lipid oxidation by AOAC methods, by GC analysis, assays of enzvme analysis and statistic handling of data (univariate and multivariate). The study will benefit DCH research of the host institute, and strengthen European lipolysis research. DCH flavour is of major concern for manufactures and knowledge of possibilities for control of oxidation could allow for improved nutritional characteristics without affecting flavour. Links wFieb industry / industrial relevance (22) Research in the laboratory is aimed at DCH manufactures. The study will supplement the existing AIR2-CT94-1577 ("DETOX") where cooked meat products and sausages have been investigated and AIR-CT93-1757 ("....quality of dry-cured hams in southern European countries") where dnv cured-hams have been extensively tested but with no care for final oxidative status of fat. The addition of a long aged, whole dr~-cured product like DCH could provide further findings in the topic of fat oxidation.

Contract number : FAIRCT965076

Duration : 14 Months from 01-04-97 -- Category 20 (B20)

Last updated :22:01:98

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