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Large-scale facilities 98
ISBN 92-828-2598-1

This brochure contains illustrated synopses of each of the 116 facilities that are open for access under the TMR Programme with an overview of the type of research and activities.

Effectively, the EU has bought usage time of these facilities, which is redistributed by them to European scientists who need a particular installation to conduct their research. All of the 24 RTD projects and the 10 concerted actions are also described briefly. These actions have brought together certain groups of facilities with the aim of improving their service to the scientist.

The brochure is also intended to serve the scientific community as a “Who’s Who” of Europe’s large-scale facilities.

The publication can be obtained free of charge at:
European Commission,
DG XII, G3, SDME 3/46,
200, rue de la Loi, 1049 Brussels
(fax +32/2/2963270)

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