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List of Scientific Publications

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On this page you will find several types of publications informing either on the TMR programme itself, on studies carried out for/within TMR or on scientific results obtained as a result of the funding of individual researchers or research teams. The left column concerns individual publications mostly dedicated to general information on the programme or reference guides for certain activities, and to studies. The right column represents series of publications on various scientific topics.

Individual Publications


Programme Activities
Cover 1 Work programme
Edition 1996-97
Cover 1 Access to large-scale facilities
funded by Large Installations Plan (1989 - 1992)
Cover 1 Access to large-scale facilities
funded by the Human Capital and Mobility Programme
Cover 1 Research training networks 1995-1996
funded by the Training and Mobility of Researchers Programme
Cover 1 Marie Curie Fellowships Success stories
Cover 1 Large-scale facilities 1998

Cover 1 International education & training of scientists and engineers
J. A. Stein et al
Cover 1 Europeanisation of economic research
M. Dahl and A.P. Kirman
Cover 1 European Research Fellowships 1987-1993
F. Maiworm and U. Teichler
Cover 1 Impact of HCM networks in the field of communication technologies
G. Bazzana and C. Ayache
Individual Research Networks
Cover 1 Dynamics of membrane protein insertion and folding
A. Watts
Cover 1 Microfabrication with synchrotron radiation
K. Hesch and R. Weiel
Cover 1 Magnetic molecular materials
D. Gatteschi and O. Kahn
Cover 1 Envirotrace
M. Grasserbauer and J.A.C. Broekaert
Cover 1 European network on antibody catalysis 1993-95
M. Blackburn, A. Datta and L.J. Partridge
Cover 1 Free-electron lasers
M. J. van der Wiel
Cover 1 Design studies for 100 T magnets
Luc Van Bockstal
Cover 1 TMR Networks Conference
Technical University Graz
Cover 1 Environmental chemistry
M. Grasserbauer, C. Ayache and U. Bertazzoni
Cover 1 Neurobiology
F. Clementi, C. Ayache and L. Minguez
Cover 1 Progress in Detectors
H. Morsi, N. Kroo and C. Ayache
Cover 1 Image Processing
J.L. Crowley, C. Bernard and C. Ayayche
Cover 1 Earthquake Engineering
Prof. R. Severn

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