TMR: RTD Projects: Ultraslow Muons at ISIS: ERBFMGECT950001

Project Acronym: Ultraslow Muons at ISIS
Title: Development of an Ultraslow Muon Source for the EC Muon Facility at ISIS
Project Coordinator: D W G Williams,
ISIS Department,

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory,
Oxon OX11 0QX

Tel: +44-1-235445599
Fax: +44-1-1235445642
Other Participants:
K P Jungmann,
Physikalisches Institut der Universitat Heildelberg
Philosophenweg 12
D-69120 Heidelberg

Tel: +49-6221549371
Fax: +49-6221475733
C Bucci
Universita Degli Studi di Parma
Physics Department
Vialle delle Scienze
43100 PARMA

Tel: +39-521905246
Fax: +39-521905223
Contract Number: ERBFMGECT950001
Contractual Period: 1 February 1996 to 31 January 1999, 36 months

Objectives of the Project:

The development aims at making ultraslow muon spectroscopy available for studying the structure and dynamics of thin films, surfaces and interfaces using the pulsed muon source at ISIS. The ultraslow muons are produced following moderation in cold inert gas thin films and a principal objective of the project will be to increase the efficiencies of these moderators. The development comprises: a) the design and construction of a UHV vacuum system incorporating a helium cryostat, b) a demonstration of the ability to deposit controlled thicknesses of solid inert gases and c) the design and construction of a beam transport system up to a simple ultraslow muon mSR spectrometer.


Muons, Surfaces, Thin Films

Coordinator's Home Page:

Results and Achievements:

The period 1st February 1996 - 31st January 1997 has been devoted mainly to designing the ultraslow muon apparatus, together with initial assembly and testing of the major components. Initial trials of the moderator and demonstration of ultraslow muon production are scheduled for the DEVA beamline at ISIS in May 1997.

Last Updated: 03-06-97

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