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January 2000

14 January

1st PRIMA country workshop "Urban pricing schemes in Switzerland". Working language: German only (no interpretation provided)

Olten, Switzerland

Contact: Mr. Peter Gueller, SYNERGO, Zurich (CH)
E-mail: (email removed)

17 January

Infoday Growth Programme - Key action "Sustainable Mobility and Intermodality" - Key action "Land Transport and Marine Technologies" - Key action "New Perspectives in Aeronautics"

Lisbon, Portugal

Contact: Ms. Paula Carneiro, Agência de Inovação SA
Tel.: + 351 2 619 72 30
Fax: + 351 2 610 33 61
E-mail: (email removed)

24-25 January

CANTIQUE project - AUTO OIL II programme: Workshop on the Costs and Impacts of Non Technical Measures to Reduce Emissions in the Urban Transport Sector

Rome, Italy

Contact: Mr Andrea Ricci, ISIS
Via Flaminia 21 - 00196 Rome (Italy)
Tel.: + 39 06 321 26 55
Fax: + 39 06 321 30 49
E-mail: (email removed)

26 January

Rail Safety Workshop: HUSARE project - Human Factor Issues in Interoperability

Utrecht, The Netherlands The objective of this workshop is to share the results of the HUSARE project (HUman SAfe Rail in Europe) with the key people involved in rail safety and to hear their views.

The purpose and objectives of the HUSARE project are to provide a means of identifying the differences in rules, procedures, technical systems and working practices for train operations, as well as the human factor issues that arise, which could have safety-critical implications for cross-border operations. Former data collection and comparison methods have been developed to identify possible failure modes together with potential risk reduction measures.

The main language will be English; simultaneous interpretation will be provided into French and German.

Contact Mr Rüdiger Wiedenmann
Tel.: + 49 221 806 18 56
E-mail: (email removed)

27-28 January

"Shaping the Future of Rail III": Pricing projects, PRORATA, Passenger Survivability and evaucation study, HUSARE, OPTIRAILS, FIRE, EUROPE - TRIP

Paris, France

Four sessions:

  1. Pricing & Charging
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Safety/Human factors
  4. Capacity management/Path allocation

Please click on the links listed below to download in MS Word the following documents:

Contact: Ms. Karine van Ceunebroeck
UIC Infrastructure Departement
16 rue Jean rey
F - 75015 Paris
Tel.: +
Fax: +
E-mail: (email removed)

February 2000

10 February

OCtopUS and INTRARTIP projects presentation within the KETJU Workshop "Information Management in the Intermodal Transport Chains"

Espoo, Finland

Contact for OCtopUS and INTRARTIP projects: Mr. Patrick Mercier-Handisyde, European Commission
E-mail: (email removed)

22-24 February

ATC Maastricht 2000 Conference and Exhibition

Maastricht, The Netherlands

Contact: Mr Chris North, European Commission
E-mail: (email removed)

March 2000

23 March

Railway noise workshop: the workshop will cover the METARAIL and STAIRRS projects as well as the new policy working group on railway noise.

Brussels, Belgium

Contact: Mr Brian Hemsworth
Arthur van Schendelstraat 754
3511 MK Utrecht - The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 30 232 4822
Fax: +31 30 236 4914
E-mail: (email removed)

31 march/01 April

Conference of the ARTIST project: Agenda for Research on Tourism by Integration of Statistics/Strategies"

Auditirium Santa Margherita, Campo Santa Margherita, Dorsoduro 3689
I - 30123 Venice (Italy)

Click here to download the Conference First Announcement and Draft Programme (PDF - 94kb)

Contact: Maria Elena Artusi
Villa Mocenigo, Riviera San Pietro 83
I - 30030 Oriaggo di Mira (Venice)
Tel.: +39.041.5630924
Fax: +39.041.5630620
E-mail: (email removed)

April 2000

11 April

SAMI project: "Strategic assessment methodology for the interaction of CTP instruments".

Brussels, Belgium

Contact: Mrs C. Sikow-Magny, European Commission
E-mail: (email removed)

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