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CORDIS Transport RTD Programme
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The specific programme for TRANSPORT forms part of the First Activity of the Fourth Framework Programme within the subarea "Transport", and builds on the experience and achievements of the first phase of the EURET programme under the Second Framework Programme.

The programme supports the development and implementation of the common transport policy, as articulated in the Commission Communication on the future of the common transport policy (COM (93) 494 final). Research will contribute to the development, integration and management of a more efficient, safer and environmentally friendly transport system which will ensure the sustainable mobility of goods and persons.

The overall objective of the specific programme is to contribute to the optimization of transport systems in the Community by means of prenormative and prelegislative research. This will be achieved by a coordinated dual approach, focusing on a strategy which will, firstly, provide the basis for a trans-European multimodal network through research into the general functioning of the transport system and, secondly, conduct specific research concerning the optimization of the individual networks.

Research activities in both areas will cover both general policy concerns (competitiveness, safety, energy and environment) and the different geographical levels (European, national, regional, urban).

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