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CORDIS Transport RTD Programme
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Task Force

Transport Research Projects: Strategic Research

ACCEPT: Strategic
Action concerning aCCEptance of new technologies and Procedures in Transport

ARTIST: Strategic
Action concerning aCCEptance of new technologies and Procedures in Transport

ASSEMBLING: Strategic 1.0
Assembling a European network of monitoring centers for transport infrastructures

ASTRA: Strategic 1.0
Assessment of Transport Strategies

BRIDGES: Strategic 1.1
Building bridges between digital transport databases, GIS applications and transport models to develop ETIS Software structure

CANTIQUE: Strategic
Concerted Action on Non Technical measures and their Impact on air Quallity and Emissions

CAPRI: Strategic
Concerted Action for Transport Pricing Research Integration

CODE-TEN: Strategic 1.6.35
Strategic Assessment of Corridor Developments, TEN Improvements and Extensions to the CEEC/CIS

COMMUTE: Strategic 1.2.18
Common Methodology for Multimodal Transport Environmental Impact Assessment

CONCERTO: Strategic
Concerted Action for European Transport Information Systems

ECONOMETRIST: Strategic 1.2.17 /1.3 /2.1 /2.3 /3.1
Economic evaluation of transport activities impacts on Member States

ECOPAC: Strategic 1.2.19
Economics of impacts

EMOLITE: Strategic 1.3.22 /1.4.26 /3.1.2
Evaluation Model for the Optimal Location of Intermodal Terminals in Europe

EUNET-SASI: Strategic 1.2.19
Socio-Economic and spatial Impacts of transport infrastructure investments and transport system improvements

EUROSIL: Strategic 1.3 /1.4
European Strategic Intermodal Links

FANTASIE: Strategic 1.5.28
Assessment of new technologies and environmental issues

GEOSYSTRANS 1: Strategic 1.0
Geomatic database on european transport

HINT: Strategic 1.5.30
Human implications of new technologies

INFOSTAT: Strategic /1.1.2
Information systems

INFRAFIN: Strategic 1.0
Financing of Infrastructure Investments

INFREDAT: Strategic
Methodology for Collecting Intermodal Freight Transport Data

INTERNAT: Strategic
Integrated Trans European Network Assessment Techniques

MAESTRO: Strategic 1.5
Monitoring Assessment and Evaluation Scheme for Transport Policy options in Europe

MEET: Strategic 1.2.18
Methodologies for estimating air pollutant emissions from transport.

MEST: Strategic
Methods for European Surveys of Travel Behaviour

MESUDEMO: Strategic 1.0
Methodology for establishing a database on transport supply, demand and modelling in Europe

MINIMISE: Strategic 1.4.23 /1.4.24 /1.4.25
Managing Interoperability by Improvements in Tranport System Organisation in Europe

MYSTIC: Strategic 1.1
Methodology for Statistical Analyses, Modelling and Data Collection

OD-ESTIM: Strategic
Cost-Efficient Origin/Destination Estimator

PASTEUR: Strategic
Policy Assessment, Scenarios and Transport Economic Research in Europe

PATS: Strategic
Pricing acceptability in the transport sectors

PETS: Strategic 1.2.15
Pricing European transport systems.

POSSUM: Strategic 1.0
Policy scenarios for sustainable mobility

PROFIT: Strategic
Private Operation and Financing of Trans-European Networks

PROTEE: Strategic 1.5.31
PROcédure dans les Transports d'Evaluation et de suivi des innovations technologiques considérées comme des Expérimentations collectives

QUITS: Strategic 1.2.14
Design and testing of an integrated methodology for the valuation of the quality of transport and systems and services in Europe

RECONNECT: Strategic
Reducing Congestion by Introducing New Concepts of Transport

SAMI: Strategic 1.5
Strategic Assessment Methodology for the Interaction of CTP Instrument

SCENARIOS: Strategic / /
Scenarios for trans-european network

SCENES 10 - 11 - 12: Strategic / /
Modelling and Methodology for analysing the interrelationship between external developments and european transport

SITPRO: Strategic
Study of the Impacts of the Transport RTD Programme

SORT-IT: Strategic 1.4.23 /1.4.24
Strategic Organistion and Regulation in Transport

STEMM: Strategic 1.3.20 /1.3.21
Strategic European Multi-Modal Modelling

STREAMS 11-12: Strategic
Strategic Transport Research for European Member States

TENASSESS: Strategic
Policy Assessment of trans-european Networks & Common Transport Policy

TEST: Strategic 1.1
Technologies for European Surveys of Travel Behaviour

TRANSINPOL: Strategic 1.5
Transport Information Systems Policies

TRENEN II-STRAN: Strategic 1.2.15
Models for Transport Environment and Energy - version 2 Strategic Transport Policy Analysis

VAST: Strategic
GNSS - Value added Services for Transport

WORKFRET: Strategic 1.5
Working Cultures in the Face of Intermodal Freight Transport Systems

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