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European Guide of Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies

Science and technology play a dominant role in the innovation processes in Europe. New inventions and insights seem to bombard the public on a daily basis, creating the feeling of countless opportunities on the one hand, and of a constant undermining of present values on the other. A need of ``knowledge about knowledge'' has therefore arisen in the last couple of decades. How is knowledge actually produced by scientific researchers? What are the intricate details of the creation of new technologies? And what is the nature of the innovation processes that determine the distribution of wealth and jobs? Science, technology and innovation (STI) studies provide, each in their own way, a new window on how society is being structured and renewed. By critically researching the pertinent questions brought up by actual scientific and technological developments, these studies give a ``backstage perspective'' on society. The European Guide of Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies brings together substantive and institutional information about this newly emerging field. Science, Technology, and Innovation are key issues in the process of Europeanization. In all European countries centers for the study of these issues have been established. This Guide provides the first comprehensive overview of these developments at the European level. The Guide is practical for the following audiences: * students who wish to take a Master's or Doctoral program in
* STI policy makers and business people who wish to take a one-year
* course in STI teachers in other fields and departments journalists
* and PR staff who wish to improve on their literacy in STI the general
* audience interested in this field of studies The Guide provides an introduction to the field for these various audiences. Moreover, the institutional information, including telephone numbers and web-addresses is systematically organized. A final section provides the reader with a map of the field in intellectual terms cross-referencing with the institutional information. The European Guide of Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies is available both in a paperback version and at the Internet. The paperback version can be ordered at the European Commission, TSER central Office. Internet version can be accessed at .

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 European Guide of Science, Technology, and Innovation Studies

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