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Rural-Etinet project: Best practice document

The Rural-Etinet project produced the document “Best practice document for the setting up of SME networks and the facilitation of SME participation in the European ‘Framework Programme’ for Research and Development.”

The Rural-Etinet project is a EU-funded project that aims to set up and manage a network comprised of a series of sub networks of SMEs, with SME representatives and organisations that work with SME businesses in rural areas. The sub-networks cover the following sectors: • Novel crops • On-farm processing • Forestry/wood chain • Waste management • Eco-systems Rural-ETINET actions have three main goals: • To promote innovation in SMEs • To compile, analyse and disseminate information on science and technological developments, applications and markets The Best Practice document aims to disseminate pratical information to establish networks of SMEs and their participation in the “Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development”. You can download the document for free to this link:


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