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Now Better Searching for Health Professionals: First Knowledge-Based Search Engine for Medical Science Has Been Developed

Transinsight releases the first knowledge-based search engine for the medical sciences

Although a nearly infinite amount of information is nowadays accessible via the Internet, it is not easy to systematically sort out the right information. This problem is addressed by Transinsight GmbH in Dresden, a company that develops knowledge-based search technologies in close cooperation with the Technische Universität Dresden. Now, after a development period of only six months, Transinsight GmbH has created MeSHPubMed, the worldwide first knowledge-based search engine for the medical sciences to be made available on the Internet. The search platform intelligently searches and, thus, finds the desired results much faster and much more precisely than a standard search engine can. For the first time, the technology for the intelligent search developed by Transinsight GmbH in cooperation with the TU Dresden has been used on the well-known search engine for molecular biologists "Now, medical professionals will be able to work much more efficiently, because they will be able to utilize the search engine MeSHPubMed which sorts the 16 million presently available scientific articles in such a way as is intended by the knowledge network MeSH (Medical Subject Headings), an initiative of the National Library of Medicine, USA," says Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO of Transinsight. The search engine allows the search time for relevant scientific information to be drastically reduced. For example, a search for the tumor suppressor protein P53 delivers about 10 million articles through conventional search engines and more than 40,000 articles in the case of standard medical search engines like For the user, it is impossible to browse this quantity of texts. However, with by means of interactive navigation in the knowledge tree of the MeSH, clicking the hierarchical entries "Diseases" -> "Cardiovascular Diseases" -> "Heart Diseases," means the search results can be restricted so that only six relevant articles are shown. This is a great time saver! Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder, co-founder of Transinsight and professor of bioinformatics at the Technische Universität Dresden, is enthused to see the practical use of technologies developed partly within European research projects such as REWERSE, Sealife and EFRE. "We are proud to have developed technologies that reach a speed and precision that currently cannot be achieved by anybody else in the world. Our ultra-fast and very precise algorithms provide an enormous customer benefit: the noticeable shortening of search times! Having already two products online is a good example of a great knowledge transfer between university and industry," says Schroeder. This fruitful cooperation between Transinsight and the Technische Universität Dresden is based on a cooperation contract. "In Dresden, there is an atmosphere like at Stanford University, at MIT in Boston or at Cambridge University," says Alvers. On this fertile ground, Transinsight GmbH wants to open new horizons. To that end, two new search platforms are already in the beta test. Moreover, with a partner, Transinsight wants to address other areas such as the job search field, because the technology of sorted searching is global and can be used in non-biomedical areas as well. About Transinsight Founded in November 2005, Transinsight is focused on software solutions for the life sciences providing products for knowledge based technologies. The flagship product, GoPubMed, a well established biomedical search engine, was the first knowledge based search engine for the Life Sciences on the Internet. Transinsight is headquartered in one of the leading German biotech incubators, the BioInnovationCenter Dresden BIOZ, where science and business work under one roof. Transinsight works in close collaboration with the Technische Universität Dresden. For further information, contact: Dr. Michael R. Alvers, CEO of Transinsight GmbH, Phone: +49 351 463 400 59, e-mail: For further information, visit: About REWERSE The European Network of Excellence REWERSE is a research project on "Reasoning on the Semantic Web". REWERSE develops rule-based languages and applications to intelligently process data on the conventional and the Semantic Web. REWERSE is funded by the European Commission and Switzerland within the 6th Framework Programme, reference number 506779. The project started in March 2004 and runs for four years. REWERSE networks over 100 researches from 27 research and industry organisations in 14 European countries. For further information, contact: Dr. Uta Schwertel, REWERSE Project Manager Institut für Informatik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Phone: +49 89 2180 9018 e-mail: For further information, visit:


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