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Enhanced ICT cooperation opportunities with the Western Balkans

The ICT-WEB-PROMS project takes up its support activities in the Western Balkans: The EU funded project “Promoting ICT cooperation opportunities and policy dialogue with the Western Balkan Countries” (ICT-WEB-PROMS) took up its activities in January this year and will be providing support activities to the Western Balkans throughout its two year duration.

Partners from all countries of the Western Balkans are working together with EU partners from Italy, Greece and Bulgaria; they will address players in the Western Balkan countries (WBC) interested in using or developing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order to increase their capacity for participation in European ICT research and bringing innovation to the market. ICT-WEB-PROMS is developing a training programme for participation in the ICT programme of FP7 that will be used in workshops and road shows in the whole area of the WBC, including small cities where training will be performed in national languages. More technically oriented regional workshops will create understanding for the technology of the ICT FP7 Programme emphasising areas of interest to both the Western Balkans and the EU. An interactive web portal will allow publication of ideas, finding partners in the EU and will be the place for direct communication. Thus, increased participation of organizations from WBC in FP7 is expected, leading eventually to higher competitiveness in the region. European brokerage events organized by the projects will provide for networking opportunities, leading to enhanced cooperation between stakeholders from the EU and the WBC.


further country: KOSOVO under UNSC Resolution 1244/99


North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia