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Research and Innovation MEP Award 2009

The Parliament Magazine has launched its fifth annual MEP Awards, and with a week left to go, we are currently appealing for more nominations in the category of Research and Innovation.

We are therefore inviting CORDIS, staff and members alike, to take part by nominating MEPs with a particular focus on research and innovation. The process does not take long, and nominators will be invited to the gala awards presentation ceremony on 3 November at The Stanhope Hotel, Brussels. Go to to nominate now. Please note that . Additionally, if the MEP you nominate wins, part of the nominator’s reasoning for making the nomination may be read out at the ceremony. This would provide you with some high profile and free publicity. If you have any questions with regards to the awards, please do not hesitate to contact me. Joana Abreu Jackson The Parliament Magazine / Dods International Press Centre Boulevard Charlemagne 1 Box 2, 1041 Brussels Tel: email:


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