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The project INNOSHADE currently active in the 7th EC Framework program requires the participation of a new industrial partner to carry out certain tasks within the project.

Project Full Name: Innovative Switchable Shading Appliances based on Nanomaterials and Hybrid Electrochromic Device Configurations (Grant no. 200431). Project Duration: 1st September 2008 – 31st August 2012. Call Details 1 Background INNOSHADE is concerned with an innovative, nanocomposite-based switchable light transmittance technology developed previously for small sized objects. It shall enable the low cost production of electrochromic shading appliances with lower energy consumption and faster response. The overall objective of the proposed project is to scale up and study the underlying nanotechnology-based processes from laboratory to pilot line production, with the major goal to explore and extend the application potential by creating interest in several prospective user groups across sectors. In three interrelated sub-projects dedicated to ophthalmic lenses, domestic appliances, and aircraft and vehicle applications, procedures shall be implemented to establish pilot production lines for the individual device components as well as for their assembly to run-capable devices up to a size comparable to automotive sunroof dimensions. Cost reduction will be accomplished via high through-put manufacturing methods such as continuous roll-to-roll processing to achieve demonstrators meeting essential market and consumer requirements. The project is coordinated by Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Germany. INNOSHADE is seeking an industrial partner to join the consortium ( 2 Objectives of the call INNOSHADE already started in September 2008 and will run until August 2012. At the current stage we are looking for an industrial partner to join the consortium, in order to fully or partly perform the following tasks: a) Contribution of general production-related knowledge with respect to transparent conducting oxide (TCO) roll-to-roll coating. b) Industrialisation of innovative TCO technology developed by project partners. Scaling up the process to pilot line production. c) Supply of high-performance TCO-coated plastic film to project partners. Roll material is required, the consumption of which in the project is estimated to be in the range of several hundreds of running metres per year. 3 Budget The new industrial partner will be allocated a contribution of up to 160.000 EURO (corresponding to a budget of up to 320.000 EUR assuming a funding rate of 50 %) to cover its expenses, with little room to negotiate. It is pointed out that the Seventh Framework program offers part - not full- funding of research activities (50 % for large companies, 75 % for small or medium sized enterprises). 4 Application process Applications should be made in writing and include sound information about the following: - An overview of the relevant experience and expertise of the applicant including details about available machinery and materials. - The principal motivation for the company to join INNOSHADE. - Breakdowns of costs and manpower. Applications for this tender should be submitted by e-mail to: uwe.posset(at) with the subject 'INNOSHADE Call for Industrial Partner'. All applications will be treated confidentially. Should you wish to discuss the project before making an application please contact Uwe Posset at the e-mail adress given above. 5 Deadline The deadline is P R E P O N E D to 5 pm Central European Time on 30th JUNE 2010. The successful candidate will be notified by e-mail within 1 month after the deadline at the latest.