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The NEURINOX Graphic Novel “Out of the blue” An innovative way to facilitate understanding neurodegenerative diseases

What more easy to read than a graphic novel for explaining the NEURINOX research. Moreover, the story is complemented by a lecture on the complexity of neurodegenerative diseases, given in layman language! Click on to discover this easy-to-read dissemination support tool. On this occasion, we have issued a press release for our media partners that can be found at:

This graphic novel is a knowledge dissemination initiative of NEURINOX, a 5-year FP7 European research consortium conducting biomedical research on neurodegenerative diseases till end of 2016. The project coordinated by the University of Geneva, with several SMEs, internationally renowned research groups and clinical institutions put together their different competencies for a common goal: understand the role of enzymes called NOX in neuroinflammation and evaluate their potential as drug targets for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases For more information about NEURINOX, please visit: Feel free to to contact our Project Director , Karl-Heinz Krause or our Project Scientific Manager, Vincent Jaquet at for any queries you might have on the project.


NOX, neuroinflammation, neurodegenerative diseases, NOX activity, ROS, Reactive Oxygen Species, molecules, oxidative biomarkers, epilepsy, parkinson, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic laterial scerosis, clinical studies, brain dysfunction


Australia, Switzerland, Greece, France, Italy, Sweden