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Book in French : Stellar and Planetary Systems Formation, Conditions of Life Appearance

Title : Formation des systèmes stellaires et planétaires, Conditions d’apparition de la vie Key words : Stellar systems, Planetary systems, Life appearance Editor : edp Sciences Collection : Interdisciplinary European Academy of Sciences

Contributors : N. Prantzos (IAP), P. Hennebelle (ENS/Obs.-Paris) A. Morbidelli (CNRS/Obs-Nice), Th. Encrenaz (LESIA/Obs.-Paris) F. Albarède (ENS/Lyon), L. Le Sergeant d’Hendecourt (IAS/UPS), S. Derenne (METIS/CNRS/UPMC), Fr. Robert (MNHM-Paris), V. Wakelam (Obs.-Bordeaux) R. Saladino (U. Tuscia), G. Zaccaï (ILL/Grenoble), E. Javaux (U. Liège), P. Nabet (U. Nancy), M. Ben Amar (LPS/ENS), E. Di Mauro (U. Sapienza/Roma), G. Tinetti (U. College/London), J.-P. Bibring (IAS/UPS) et J.-P. Trueil (AEIS). Collection : Interdisciplinary European Academy of Sciences – Académie Européenne Interdisciplinaire des Sciences Reference : ISBN : 978-2-7598-1965-2, February 2016, 375 pages Information : The Interdisciplinary European Academy of Sciences announces that this book can be downloaded free of charge at the following address Presentation At all times, Man has been intrigued by his origin and by the origin of life. The existence of extraterrestrial “civilizations” is a question that goes way back in history and is fundamental. This book, in the view of the Interdisciplinary European Academy of Sciences, shows the scientific progress that took place thanks to the spatial exploration, in the comprehension of the formation of our Universe. This progress is huge and, reading the book, one can be astonished by the possibilities of Man to understand the Universe and to make its knowledge accessible to every one. How did the planetary systems appear and how do they evolve? What are the characteristics of the extra solar planetary systems? What are the physical-chemical conditions and process at the origin of life? Are there traces of life on other planets of the solar system? What can we detect as life signature in the planetary systems, the so called exoplanets? This book presents an actual and interdisciplinary point of view about these questions.


Stellar systems, Planetary systems