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European universities present detailed proposals for next Framework Programme for Research & Innovation

The European University Association (EUA), which represents more than 800 universities across Europe, has released a set of recommendations for the design of the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9). EUA focuses its attention on three key areas.

With the debate on the next Framework Programme in full swing, European universities have launched precise recommendations ( for the post-2020 period. In the publication, EUA builds on months of reflection, providing concrete solutions to issues regarding rules and participation criteria. One of the first pan-European stakeholders to put forth such proposals, EUA focuses its attention on three key areas that must be addressed in the new programme: - provide long-term policies and funding instruments for research - reinforce collaboration and minimise discrepancies across the EU - seek a stronger alignment of EU policies for education, research and innovation “Building a more competitive, prosperous and inclusive Europe requires a strong framework programme, capable of fully supporting and leveraging European research and innovation,” said Professor Martine Rahier, EUA Vice-President and Chair of the EUA Research Policy Working Group. “Therefore, it is essential to get it right post-2020.” EUA’s proposals highlight issues such as the need for sustainable funding, incentives fostering multidisciplinarity and a more open scientific system. They also target the complex geographical imbalances present in participation and the use of resources. In addition, the recommendations focus on the need to support the development of human talent as the fundamental driver of innovation. EUA’s recommendations build on the Association’s Vision for FP9, its proposals for “Ambitious funding for excellent research in Europe post-2020”, the member consultation on the Horizon 2020 mid-term review, the campaign for “EU funding for universities”, and the Association’s ongoing work on Open Science and Smart Specialisation. They were prepared in consultation with EUA’s Research Policy Working Group and the EUA Council. EUA’s recommendations also echo several of the ideas presented in the European Commission’s report LAB-FAB-APP Investing in the European Future We Want (the “Lamy” report).