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PCP and PPI: a public boost to societal challenge-driven innovation

Rising public needs and interests require not only innovation per se, but also innovative ways to trigger, fund and support the R&D process up to the commercialisation of new products and services that will be answering these needs.
PCP and PPI: a public boost to societal challenge-driven innovation
In the EU, two mechanisms are increasingly used to this end, putting governments’ purchasing power to good use by pulling demand for innovation, creating a signalling effect and facilitating the diffusion of innovations. Public Procurement for Innovation (PPI) is used in challenges that can be addressed by innovative solutions close to commercialisation or already commercialised in small quantity, while Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) is favoured when there are no existing near-to-the-market solutions and new R&D is needed.

Although these co-financing mechanisms were already used extensively under FP7, Horizon 2020 reinforces them by introducing two dedicated instruments. In total, the EU is putting EUR 354.2 million on the table for PCP and PPI funding over the years 2016-2020.

This CORDIS Results Pack aims to shed light on the main innovations brought by EU-funded PPI and PCP projects. It demonstrates how these tools concretely help innovative products to reach commercial success, increase the quality of public services, support SMEs and help address major societal challenges.

Selected projects cover a wide range of topics, from smart firefighter equipment to intelligent transport systems, ehealth and telemedicine, technologies to support independent living, brownfield decontamination and ICT solutions to support road construction and repair processes.

Our latest batch, published in May 2018, is all about building communities of procurers for more efficient PPI in the bio-based industry (InnProBio), public transport (SPICE) and sustainable procurement (SPP Regions).
Joint procurement for more tailored transport solutions
Congestion, pollution and a rapid increase in urban populations have progressively made transportation a major concern for European cities. Better procurement for innovation could...
A PPI boost for the bio-based industry
For public procurement to become the enabler of the bio-based economy craved by the EU, procurement authorities will need to work collectively and enable procurers to make more...
Regional networks for thriving sustainable and innovative procurement
Remaining barriers to successful sustainable and innovative procurement (SPP/PPI) need to be taken down. The SPP Regions project has built SPP networks in seven key European regions...
Using public procurement to convert polluted brownfields into urban oases
EU-funded researchers use pre-commercial procurement to find new fit-for-purpose, cost-effective solutions for brownfield decontamination initiatives.
Smart traffic management systems more effective than building extra roads
An EU-funded project has come up with innovative procurement methods to help launch new intelligent traffic management systems.
Telemonitoring: a revolution in intensive care
The EU-funded THALEA project has made good use of Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) to develop a telemonitoring system that allows major hospitals to integrate and analyse data of...
An innovative strategy for procuring innovation
EU-funded researchers introduce the use of Pre-Commercial Procurement and Public Procurement of Innovation as new methods to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.
Boosting eHealth implementation across Europe
An EU-funded project has shown how a functioning eHealth market can be created through identifying common barriers to eHealth procurement, bringing together key players and applying...
How better PCP could save firefighters’ lives
Better exploiting the potential of pre-commercial procurement (PCP) and preventing firefighter death in the field are two challenges that may have more in common than you think. An...
An information sharing tool to optimise road maintenance and construction decisions
In a recent publication, the European Road Federation warns about the lack of investment in road maintenance in Europe, along a growing backlog that causes irreversible...
Electronic patient records accessible abroad with innovative new technology
Pre-commercial procurement has enabled an EU-funded project procurement to develop new technology that will allow patients to access health data when they are in any other EU country.
Robotic walker equals independent living for Europe’s elderly citizens
What started as an effort to identify new technologies capable of assisting elderly people in their everyday lives has turned into an innovative system set to positively disrupt the...

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