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Nº 64
JUL 2017
The grand plan for carbon capture

Also in this issue:

First in-man studies demonstrate high prevalence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in shift workers New device allows people with hearing loss to hear with light pulses A lesson on pathogen manipulation of host immunity Major advances in bioengineered heart implants Leptin: a better alternative to insulin therapy? Don’t let a good crisis go to waste Mobilising for democracy – the power of social movements and civil society Spotting black swans on the horizon, with new mathematical modelling One step closer to the smart helicopter Novel aircraft-integrated ventilation concepts to reduce noise in aircraft cabins Advanced design, modelling and testing methods to reduce noise and vibration in electric vehicles Nanocarbon coating reduces ice formation and makes aircraft more aerodynamic How sensitive is climate to increased carbon dioxide in the long term? Exploring the atmosphere of the ancient earth Wildfires of the past Spy in the cow shed aids farmers New knowledge and tools for sustainable rural development and a more competitive bioeconomy in Europe How seed dispersal influences island plant populations New insight into natural slate solves roofing market’s problems How to turn refractory waste back into raw materials Lighter aircraft fuselages could cut costs for aviation No longer sweating the small stuff, for nano-enabled design Audio sketching goes high tech New methods and algorithms for atomistic computer simulations Greening urban districts made easier with new software CRDTs for non-synchronised networked applications New superconducting detectors for future space missions In the birthplace of extrasolar planets More efficient ‘multi-switchable’ molecules could boost data storage A new look at multi-electron interactions Nanophotonic antennas unveil the nanoscale mechanisms of disease Web-based tool helps site operators choose the safest CO2 storage option Chemical looping combustion for CO2-neutral gas facilities Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the fight against poverty Getting CCL technology ready for use at coal power plants Reconnecting Europe’s rivers the smart way Accurate satellite measurements of greenhouse gases
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