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European collaboration pays off!

ReMoni, a partner in 2 TETRAMAX experiments, secured a new investor to boost further development and trigger new markets.

Industrial Technologies

Kenneth Iversen, the businessman behind Kyocera Unimerco, has invested DKK 20 million in ReMoni, that is more than 2 600 000 euro! “One compelling key factor in securing the investment was the kind of projects we are involved in. When you are granted funding in a high-level project such as the ‘CLEC-Submetering’ – including cooperation partners as RWTH Aachen University and Ghent University – it gives the kind of seal of approval needed in an investment situation”, says CEO Bo Eskerod Madsen of ReMoni. This is a wonderful example of how TETRAMAX helps to plant the seeds for innovation in customized low-energy computing and then seeing it grow in enterprises like these.


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