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DigiCULT.Info Issue 7 - A Newsletter on Digital Culture - ISSN 1609-3941

In previous issues of DigiCULT.Info and in Technology Watch Report 1,(2003) DigiCULT examined the issues of 3-dimensional representations of cultural artefacts and spaces. In this issue the team from Factum Arte describe the creation of a physical 3D replica of La Dama de Elche.

The Alicante archaeology museum has made use of cutting edge information technologies behind the scenes and the physical replica of La Dama has been made possible by one such technology. Furthermore, this issue covers amongst others a presentation of the AER project (Spanish archives on the net), three articles on e-learning,projects, interviews with experts, and the results of the DigiCULT User,Survey 2003. ,Download DigiCULT.Info Issue 7,High Res (9 MB), Low Res (1 MB), DigiCULT Publications offer a valuable resource of mission-critical,information in the selection and use of digital technologies for,Europes heritage organisations: - Thematic Issues: results of expert fora, - DigiCULT Technology Watch Reports: in-depth technology evaluation, - DigiCULT.Info Newsletter: articles about services, studies,,technologies, and activities, - DigiCULT Website: project information, resources, events, publications., All available publications can be downloaded free of charge. ,Subscribe to the Newsletter DigiCULT.Info, Submit an Event, Submit a Web Resource, (c) DigiCULT Forum 2002-2004,