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Precarious employment is one of the main problems of immigrant population. Moreover, there are more unemployed women than men in Spanish society according to the last statistics.

Impulso Económico y Local, S.A.-IMELSA (Valencian Economic Organization) has checked these data by means of research in four Valencian regions: La Ribera Alta, La Ribera Baixa, La Costera and La Canal de Navarrés. For this reason, this organization, dependent on Diputación de Valencia (Valencian Provincial Government), has presented Don@m project which is included in Equal Initiative. The overall aim of this project is to create a network of professionals that attends to the global needs of the immigrant population, fighting racism and xenophobia. Don@m begins to develop the project in January of 2005 in 73 Valencian municipalities. The project has four stages: - 1st: To assess the situation of immigrant population, just as the material resources. - 2nd: To elaborate integrated and global actions to fight against racism and xenophobia in the labour market. - 3rd: To create mechanisms of involvement and transformation to improve immigrant population integration. - 4th: To create assessment mechanisms to know the project development level at any time. Another objective of Don@m is the training for immigrant population. In this manner, the project promotes the learning of host country language and culture, the knowledge of Valencian socioeconomic structure and the digital literacy training. This training will use ICT as e-learning for teachers and students to develop all these subjects. Don@m, leaded by Impulso Económico y Local, S.A.-IMELSA (Valencian Economic Organization), has the following partners: Asociación Comisión Católica Española de Migración-ACCEM (Spanish Catholic Association), Centro Reina Sofía para el estudio de la Violencia (Violence Research Institution), Confederación Empresarial Valenciana-CEV (Valencian Business Organization), the regional governments of La Ribera Baixa, La Ribera Alta, La Costera and La Canal de Navarrés and the Fundacion Comunidad Valenciana-Región Europea. The Fundación Comunidad Valenciana-Región Europea is a non-profit foundation and strengthens the participation of the Valencian Region in the European Union’s policies and actions. It also promotes a better knowledge of these actions and policies. The objective of the Foundation is to promote the participation of all the sectors present in the Valencian Region in the European Union’s policies and to promote a better. Moreover, the Dirección General de la Mujer, the Dirección General de Inmigración, the Secretaría Autonómica de Telecomunicaciones and the Fundación Valenciana de la Solidaridad y el Voluntariado (Valencian government departments) collaborate with the project. The Osservatorio sul Razzismo e la Discriminazione (Italy) and the Orbis Institute (Slovaquia) also participate in the international project of Don@m. More information:


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