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Press Invitation: EUBCE 2019- The 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

An annual meeting focusing on demonstrable science, policy and industry trends, benefiting in its 2019 edition from an all-time record of 1,105 abstracts received from 75 countries, 281 keynote, plenary and oral presentations juried
in, and over 1,500 delegates and 43 exhibitors pre-registered.

27 May 2019 - 30 May 2019

Lisbon, Germany


The 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
Hosting this event of global significance in Lisbon, is symbolic as Portugal is a pioneer country in renewable energy and in March 2018, Portugal generated more renewable energy than it needed. This country has committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and is aiming for 35% renewable energy by 2030, in line with the new regulatory framework agreed by the European Parliament on 13th November 2018, which sets a binding renewable energy target of at least 32% in the EU by 2030, including a review clause by 2023 for an upward revision.

The use of biomass for production of power, heat, transportation fuels and materials, if the sustainability is ensured, is one of the most promising options to combat climate change. As of today, biomass is part of the only feasible scenario for delivering carbon-neutral solutions for aviation (longhaul flights), shipping and heavy road transport. Biomass will play a role in the development of climate neutral or negative emission solutions, for example in combination with CCU (Carbon Capture and Utilization) or CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technologies.
The EUBCE has long become a world leading event for the biomass and bioenergy sectors based on a global forum for exchanging knowledge, debating policy options and addressing innovation in an open forum. Against this background, the EUBCE aims to highlight the role of the technology developers and industry across all sessions and topics of the programme.

Anchored by a record number of abstracts received, the strength and depth of the conference programme testifies to a particularly strong participation from outside Europe. Building on previous successes, this conference is seen by both international research and industry as the world’s leading science-to-science and science-to-industry biomass forum. It offers access to a never before assembled group of global decision-makers from industry, research and politics.

What can journalists expect?
This event will have something for every journalist: whether you are an energy newcomer or specialist, focusing on basic research or the manufacturing industry, from finance or the electricity business, following global policy-making trends or simply wishing to discover somebody’s personal journey. 281 keynote, plenary and oral addresses and more than 525 visual presentations, numerous parallel events, a technology exhibition and social gatherings will be open to you during this melting pot conference.

A dedicated virtual media center is available on the event website, freely accessible, where different kind of documents will be at journalists disposal: latest newsletters and press releases, professional pictures and videos, high resolution banners and graphics, etc.

A taste of the issues at stake
Participating press will have the opportunity to investigate, first hand, the opportunities and challenges facing biomass technologies and their industry, exploring best practices for their integration into energy systems, for the markets, and for policy-makers alike.
Policy-makers will outline their approach to widespread deployment of biomass. They will offer first insights and new ideas on how to create a virtuous circle.

Further information:
The EUBCE Conference programme is coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre. The event is supported by European and international organizations such as the European Commission, UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Natural Sciences Sector, WCRE - the World Council for Renewable Energy, EUBIA - the European Biomass Industry Association, CEI - The Central European Initiative, FNR - Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe, GBEP - Global Bioenergy Partnership, and other organizations, Biofuels Platform, Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP), Leaders of Sustainables Biofuels (LSB), UNICA Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association.


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