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DEMOS presents results on voters’ behavior at ECPR

Project co-investigator Eglė Butkevičienė (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania) will discuss “split-ticket voting”, a type of voters’ behavior stemming from mixed-member electoral systems, in newly democratic countries.

4 September 2019 - 7 September 2019

Wroclaw, Poland

© Eglė Butkevičienė

The H2020 project DEMOS co-investigator Eglė Butkevičienė, from partner institution Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania (KTU), will present the project paper “Political Efficacy, Political Knowledge, Party Identification and Split-Ticket Voting in Mixed-Member Electoral Systems: The Case of Lithuania” at the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) general conference. The event will take place at the University of Wrocław, in Poland, between September 4 and 7.

With co-authors Vaidas Morkevičius, Egle Vaidelyte, Giedrius Zvaliauskas (all affiliated to KTU), Butkevičienė will explore “split-ticket voting”, a phenomenon stemming from mixed-member electoral systems. It takes place when voters support different parties (and their candidates) in different tiers of elections, an effect that hasn’t been fully investigated in newly democratic countries.

Employing data from multiple sources, the authors seek to explain electoral behavior involving split-ticket voting at the individual level. For that, they use three factors: internal political efficacy (extent to which voters regard themselves as competent political actors), political knowledge (extent to which voters posses adequate understanding of the political world) and party identity (identification with different parties).

The authors’ hypothesis is that internal political efficacy (competence) and political knowledge are conducive to selecting different representatives in different tiers when voters are dissatisfied with democracy, distrust political institutions, and negatively evaluate the incumbent government.

The Conference

ECPR General Conference
University of Wroclaw, Poland
Eglė Butkevičienė’s presentation: panel “Political Knowledge and Public Opinion” — 11 a.m. September 6
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