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List of CORDIS Subject Index Classification Codes

Industry and Technology

SIC Field Name Explanation
IND INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURE Industrial processes; process control; plant design and maintenance; machine tools; advanced design and manufacturing techniques; use of automated tools.
ELM ELECTRONICS, MICROELECTRONICS Electronic circuits, components and equipment; semiconductors; magnetic and superconducting materials and devices; power systems; printed circuits and integrated circuits (ICs); microwave technology and waveguides.
IPS INFORMATION PROCESSING, INFORMATION SYSTEMS Technical aspects of information systems; computer hardware and software; data processing; databases; systems design and documentation; advanced systems architecture; expert systems; artificial intelligence (AI); computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) systems; computer-aided design (CAD) systems; computer assisted translation (CAT) systems; cognitive science.
TEL TELECOMMUNICATIONS Communication systems based on electromagnetic waves; radio and television equipment and transmissions; high-definition television (HDTV); satellite communications; integrated broadband communications (IBC); remote sensing; radar; network value-added services.
TRA TRANSPORT Road, track and rail transport; design of vehicles and systems; transportation by sea and inland waterways; air transportation; pipelines; transport infrastructure; prototypes, trials and pilot schemes. (For transportation of hazardous materials see "Safety".)
AER AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY Aeronautical technology; aircraft; avionics; space exploration and technology.
CON CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY Civil engineering; construction equipment; materials, components and methods; structural reliability; fire resistance; sound insulation; architectural design; building regulations; use of steel, wood, cork, concrete, etc. for building purposes.
MAT MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY Plastics, rubber, polymers and composite materials; adhesives; ceramics; coatings; metals and alloys; iron and steel, steelworks, properties and utilization of steels; miscellaneous materials; properties of materials, corrosion and degradation.
ICT ICT APPLICATIONS e-Health, work environments, knowledge-sharing and management systems, digital media.
NET NETWORK TECHNOLOGIES Internet applications; future and emerging technologies.
NNT NANOTECHNOLOGY AND NANOSCIENCES Applications of nanotechnology elements; medical nanotechnology; manufacturing applications; medicine applications.
IBI INDUSTRIAL BIOTECH 'White biotechnology', bioenergy, biomaterials, enzyme engineering.
SPA SPACE AND SATELLITE RESEARCH Fixed satellite services, mobile satellite services, direct broadcast satellite, space-segment + ground-segment technology New technologies and applications; fuel considerations.
AUT AUTOMATION Process automation; manufacturing plant networks; component integration.
ROB ROBOTICS Artificial intelligence applications; autonomous robots; applications in medicine and manufacturing.
TEC OTHER TECHNOLOGY Textile technology; laser technology; membrane technology; vacuum engineering; hydraulics; particle technology; other specific technologies not included elsewhere.



SIC Field Name Explanation
FIS NUCLEAR FISSION Reactor operation; decommissioning; reactor physics; pressure vessels; safeguarding techniques; fuel fabrication and reprocessing; irradiation facilities; uranium; plutonium and thorium ores; trans-uranium elements/actinides; fissile materials (excluding radioactive waste management).
FUS NUCLEAR FUSION 'Tokamaks'; plasma physics; electron dynamics and confinement; components and materials; instabilities and turbulence; MHD equilibrium; safeguarding techniques; electric and magnetic fields; impurities; ignition; modelling.
FFU FOSSIL FUELS Coal and hydrocarbons; petroleum products; coke; by-products; storage of hydrocarbons; exploration; mining, processing and utilization.
RSE RENEWABLE SOURCES OF ENERGY Tidal wave and wind energy; geothermal energy; energy from biomass; solar energy; photovoltaic cells; unconventional and alternative energies.
EST ENERGY STORAGE, ENERGY TRANSPORT The storage, transmission and conversion of energy; use of hydrogen for energy transport; cells; secondary energy vectors.
ESV ENERGY SAVING Energy conservation; increased efficiency of energy use; energy audits; heat transmission and storage; heat pumps; thermal insulation; use of waste heat.
BIF BIOFUELS Prospects for widespread use; applicability in rural societies and needs; food or fuel arguments; agricultural requirements.
HFC HYDROGEN AND FUEL CELLS Hydrogen production; hydrogen delivery; hydrogen storage; fuel cells.
OET OTHER ENERGY TOPICS Demand analysis and utilization strategies; energy statistics; general energy topics not included elsewhere.


Physical and Exact Sciences

SIC Field Name Explanation
MET METEOROLOGY Climatology; weather forecasting; weather modification; collection and analysis of meteorological data.
EAR EARTH SCIENCES Geology; mineralogy; geography; geophysics; geo-chemistry; soil science; cartography.
MST MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS Mathematical theory; statistical analysis; operational research; numerical analysis; mathematical modelling.


Biological Sciences

SIC Field Name Explanation
MED MEDICINE, HEALTH Human health (for veterinary medicine see "Agriculture"); the effect of specific environments; public health; industrial medicine; medical research; nutrition; dentistry; nursing; physiology; pharmaceutical products; medical technology.
BIO BIOTECHNOLOGY Microbiology; cellular and molecular biology; genetic engineering; enzyme engineering; assessment of risk; applications of biotechnology in health, agriculture, food, industry and the environment.
LIF LIFE SCIENCES Biological sciences not included elsewhere; biochemistry; genetics; toxicology.
HCS HEALTHCARE DELIVERY/SERVICES Hospitals and diagnostic services; telemedicine.
MBI MEDICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY Biotechnology in medical sciences; pharmaceutical discovery and development, DNA and genetic manipulation, microbial and viral research, vectors and plasmids.
VAS VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCES Husbandry techniques, veterinary research.


Agriculture and Marine Resources and Products

SIC Field Name Explanation
AGR AGRICULTURE Livestock production, crops and crop production; managerial and economic aspects of agriculture; veterinary medicine; animal husbandry; control of weeds, pests and diseases of plants; land use; forestry; agro-technology; agro-industrial research.
FOO FOOD Nutritional and toxicological properties of foodstuffs; processed agricultural and aquaculture produce; food additives; food containers and handling; food technology.
SEA RESOURCES OF THE SEA, FISHERIES Marine science; oceanography; exploitation of the sea bed; marine and fresh water fisheries; aquaculture.
ABI AGRICULTURAL BIOTECHNOLOGY Biotechnology in forestry, fisheries, food production, general agriculture applications, genetically modified crops.
WAT WATER RESOURCES AND MANAGEMENT Irrigation, reservoirs, floods; river systems; potable water.


Measurements and Standards

SIC Field Name Explanation
MEA MEASUREMENT METHODS Test facilities and methods; applied metrology; biomedical analyses; chemical analyses; enviro=ental analyses; verification methods; recording devices; non-destructive testing; on-line testing.
REF REFERENCE MATERIALS Preparation and distribution of certified reference material (CRM) samples for standardization, harmonization and intercomparison of analyses and measurements; technical specification of CRMS; storage and preservation of CRMS.
STA STANDARDS Technical standards; quality standards; national and international standards; harmonization of standards.
PMM PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHODOLOGIES Management issues; cooperation between different sites.


Protecting Man and his Environment

SIC Field Name Explanation
SAF SAFETY Safety engineering; safety at work; assessment of risk; reliability of components and systems; industrial hazards; transportation of hazardous materials; accident analysis and reporting.
ENV ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Measurement and detection of pollution; effects of pollutants; aerosols and particulate emissions; control of emissions; water quality; acid rain; soil pollution; ecology and radio-ecology; limitation/prevention actions on pollution.
RAD RADIATION PROTECTION Radiation shielding; dosimetry; radiation and radioisotope effects on man, animals, plants and microorganisms.
WAS WASTE MANAGEMENT Non-nuclear waste (for other types see "Radioactive Waste"); recycling, recovery and reclamation; incineration and pyrolysis; land and sea disposal; bioconversion; landfill; industrial waste; energy from waste.
RWA RADIOACTIVE WASTE Management and storage of radioactive waste; radioactive waste treatment; disposal in deep land or subsea-bed formations; remote handling; container materials and matrices.
SDT SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT New energy concepts; industrial aspects; efficiency and consumption; terrestrial and marine resource development.
CLC CLEAN COAL TECHNOLOGIES Power plant emissions; sulphur dioxide emission reductions; nitrogen oxide emissions.
CCC CLIMATE CHANGE AND CARBON CYCLE RESEARCH Climate modelling; preventing stratospheric ozone depletion; global warming, climate analysis and indicators; carbon sources; carbon sinks; carbon sequestration; greenhouse gases; modelling carbon distribution.


Social and Economic Concerns

SIC Field Name Explanation
SOC SOCIAL ASPECTS Social sciences; use of human resources; ergonomics; social implications of new technology; social effects of technology.
EDU EDUCATION, TRAINING Education of children and adults; university, polytechnic and college students; teaching methods; training needs; in-service training; vocational training; retraining; distance learning.
INF INFORMATION, MEDIA Information services; the media industry; library sciences.
ECO ECONOMIC ASPECTS Economic sciences; economic analysis and theory; economic aspects of RTD.
REG REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT RTD activities related to regional development and the restructuring of economic sectors.
EMP EMPLOYMENT ISSUES Integration in the workplace; discrimination in the workplace.
SEC SECURITY System security; public sector involvement; antiterrorist protection; surveillance systems; personal freedoms and security; global cooperation.


RTD Horizontal Topics

SIC Field Name Explanation
POL POLICIES Formulation, evaluation or application of policies, policy strategies or plans of action for research and development in science and technology.
LEG LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS Formulation, evaluation or application of laws and regulations, administrative measures, codes of conduct, decisions, directives or agreements for research and development in science and technology.
FOR FORECASTING Identification of future developments in RTD and long-term strategic options; input to RTD policies; forecasting methodologies.
EVA EVALUATION Evaluation of Community RTD programmes; evaluation methodologies.
ITT INNOVATION, TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER Development of mechanisms to promote innovation and technology transfer, utilization of the results of research, property rights and patents.
COO COORDINATION, COOPERATION Promotion of joint actions, the exchange of information, mobility, sharing of research resources, intercomparison exercises.
SCI SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH General scientific and industrial research, or research not included elsewhere.
BUS BUSINESS ASPECTS Research-oriented SMEs; High-tech SMEs; Privately-funded research organisations; R&D competitiveness.
ETH RESEARCH ETHICS Clinical trials; animal testing; stem cells; cloning; controversial research topics; ethical oversight systems; research ethics councils.
IPR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS Patents; copyright; IPR support; digital rights management; trade issues; generic medicines.

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