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E-Arbitration-T: Innovative tools for European Arbitration and Mediation Centres

E-Arbitration-T is a new online platform for European arbitration and mediation centres that will provide emerging technologies including applications, online network, desktop, integration services, as well as online training services. Its a new company born of an innovative project sponsored by the European Commission.

The E-Arbitration-T platform offers a reliable and alternative system for solving disputes. It is designed as a mechanism that will provide the speed and high quality required by the current world business sector. In the arbitration field, E-Arbitration-T is a very flexible tool that will allow dispute resolution centres to offer online services that adapt to deal with different cases, according to the issue of the case concerned. Security and Confidentiality are guaranteed, as is the capability of fostering relations between the parties. This will be achieved through the use of multimedia (interactive text, video conferencing and sound), enabling all the members of the ODR chain (claimants, respondents, arbitrators, translators and experts). to have a direct contact, and thus improving B2B relationships. E-Arbitration-T is a specific software system for both large and small Arbitration and Mediation Centres. It is designed specifically to be cost effective for centres with low case loads and where the parties are small and medium sized enterprises.,The E-Arbitration-T platform is a technological innovation that will provide ADR tribunals and centres with a set of integrated applications to give their neutrals and clients control over the procedures and operational processes with complete case management tools. Unlike other products which only recognise legal entities the platform recognises individual people as well as the companies and organisations they represent. The system will provide immediate, intelligent and personalised assistance to all persons involved in a dispute. Also, the system will simplify and improve the business process flow. In broad outline, the E-Arbitration-T platform will provide electronic support for: > Flexible automation of Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures,- intelligent case management and what next guidance,- a visible case map adapted to the needs of the current dispute > Document and evidence management,- online forms for guidance in preparation,- secure storage and distribution on submission > Real-time interaction (for all clients and neutrals),- discussion forums,- video conferencing support,- secure trial transcripts. > High security and integrity,- electronic signatures and other forms of electronic authentication,- online payment (guarantee deposits, arbitration fees, administration fees, etc.) > Multilingual environment The of E-Arbitration-T is a Pan-European consortium made up of Comercio Electrónico Global S.C. (Spain); TIGA Technologies (France), Department of Information Systems and Computing - Brunel University (UK); Department of Ingegnería Informática e delle Telecomunicazioni - University of Catania (Italy); The Arbitration and Conciliation Chamber of Catania (Italy); Cuatrecasas SL (Spain); The Spanish Digital Law and Economy Association (Spain). The platform will be launched shortly, and we would like to invite arbitration and mediation centres to contact E-Arbitration-T project and participate in the discussion forum at More information,Mr. Eduardo Paz Lloveras ,Comercio Electrónico Global S.C.,,URL: Phone: +34 976 212169 Fax: +34 976 212169